Whiskers, make them or not make them?

When it comes to talk about the topic of the hairs there is always something to say. The hair removal is one of the favorite themes during the conversation between the girls and all, but all have an opinion about it. It might be that the problem affects virtually 100% of the female population, and that among depilatory wax and tweezers, the operation is worse than a full-time job. To determine hair growth are hormones, in pregnancy, for example, the increase of those androgynous placental, can cause temporary hirsutism. What happened to the singer Adele, who, in all sincerity, she had confessed: “I Had so much testosterore when I was pregnant I grew a beard. I cut only yesterday. It is true. I’m not kidding, on the contrary, they are fair. The name is affectionately Larry”.

But we speak in particular of the upper lip. The hair that form around the lips and if there is, you see how. “Woman baffuta always liked?”, but also no. If some friend has embraced the current thinking of the “I own two, so do not see”, let it be noted that the rays of the sun do not discount anyone.

You are accustomed to seeing the stars always perfect on the red carpet? Well, the moustache to remove them also have them. So much so that the video posted by Lea Michele on Snapchat while painfully submits to their removal has done several thousands of views. And who knows why the question of the moustache is still seen as a taboo. The fact that the stars have cleared the deoilazione on the social, inviting to speak on the theme, could be of help, because there is nothing better to share to find a solution.

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What is the best way to remove the whiskers? How to deal with the stains? We asked Samantha Gentile Savonarola, beauty expert Salon Franco Curletto Milan. Here is the handbook:


The the wire eastern is the best solution because it allows you to be precise, to limit the irritation of the skin and the appearance of ingrown hairs. The alternative is tweezers, the important thing is to have the hand steady to avoid breaking up the hair.


A very complicated relationship. Waxing, in fact, worsens any dark spots on around the lips. By removing the surface layer of the skin makes it more susceptible to discoloration due to UV rays.


The discoloration strengthens the hair bulb, making it much more durable and thick. In fact, if after practicing the bleaching is used after the waxing or to the wire, the removal is more painful than usual. And then the hairs become more clear, but you can see the same.


The ideal time interval is once a month.


The secret is not only to use the wire on the east for hair removal, but also the right pressure that is made during the treatment. If the removal is performed by skilled hands, and ingrown hairs are not.