When talking of facelift and wrinkles are women

That theaging female skin is perceived differently from the men (read less accepted) is one of the many “gender gap” with which to make accounts. But as the living protagonists, and women?

To talk about wrinkles and their remedies we did ten questions to ten employees of Collagenil, acosmetic company very feminine, not only in the nature of their products (9 lines of skincare for every need of the skin), but also for its management, formed to 90% by women. Result: in the answers we found a bit’ every woman in front of the mirror. And a solution that can be equally shared.

Remember the time when you saw your first wrinkle? What did you think?
“Yes, I had more or less 28 years, I was struccando and I noticed this little wrinkle near the eye: needless to say, I felt lost. I tried any remedy on the face of the Earth to make it disappear. Then talking with friends I realized that I was not alone and that, more or less, we were all facing this change, which obviously scared a bit”.

Have you ever considered botox?
“The idea I was struck in the head several times, especially when I noticed that my wrinkles have become deeper. But then I inquired and I thought about it, because I realized that they were more cons that pros”.

What you scared of botox and what attracts you?
“I like the fact that it is a quick and effective solution. But it scares me a lot the idea of having to submit to painful stings, in addition to the potential long-term effects and to the danger of getting caught the hand and enter into a vicious circle. Without counting the cost!”.

Which expression do you miss most in your face from twenty years old?
“It’s difficult to choose. Definitely remember that before I was laughing again without the worry of show all the signs of my face. Now when I laugh automatically try to cover me, putting a hand in front of the face”.

What are the wrinkles that bear less?
“Those in the front, because the more profound and evident in the expressions of daily life. For a long time ho brought the bangs to cover them, but then I had to wash my hair more often because it is soiled with greater ease and so I am back to having to show this part of me that I do not love”.

What gives you the most discomfort to the muscle relaxation created by the aging process?
“What gives me the most trouble is the idea of not being able to do so much to counteract a process, however, natural. If I take a weight I know that eating better and doing physical activity I can come back as before, while on wrinkles, I feel almost helpless. Or at least before it was so”.

What do you think of the creams botox effect?
“I think they are a great alternative to aesthetic treatment. Not only are they more economical, but do not require any needle: just for this I think is a miracle! And then you want to put the satisfaction of answering “no lifting, no botox” when people ask me what I’ve done to the face because they see me better?!”.

When was the first time that you tried Liftensive, line botox effect of Collagenil? What did it feel like?
“I tried it in preview a few months ago as well as all my co-workers and I immediately thought that it had been done a great job. After a little bit, I had the feeling that my skin was more pulled, the less marked”.

How and when to use the texture of Liftensive?
“Use the cream 24H and serum, Perfect Serum morning and evening. The effects are visible already from the first applications, but the constant use has shown even better results”.

What do you like most about the cream and the serum?
“What makes it unique 24H is the immediate effect. There is a test 9 which dissipates any doubt: just roll it out on a part of the face , and then to compare it with the one that we left without and the difference is obvious. Perfect Serum instead, it is an excellent make-up base, a fact not at all obvious because often a cream functional, it can’t be used before make up”.

The line Liftensive of Collagenil

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