Well-groomed from head to foot: tips for Hand – and foot care

Our hands are our calling card, and should, therefore, always a clean impression. But also, the feet should look, at the latest, in the summer, well maintained.

Velvety soft skin and shapely nails belong to a manicured appearance. How you take care of your hands and feet on the best, read here!

And Action!

Driving, shopping, doing the dishes, just as we are with our hands constantly in motion. However, especially in the cold Season, you will be stressed by low temperatures and icy Winds are particularly strong.

Frequent hand washing and the use of cleaning agents claim they also. Here, proper care is asked.

Our foot and leg care-tip specifically designed for diabetic care of skin: “Eubos Diabetic skin care, foot and leg, 3 in 1 – 100 ml” – ideal for daily foot and leg care for dry, very dry, more exciting, and irritated skin! Available in the Online Shop of a junkie.ch.

Creams, creams, creams

Winter time, cold time. To protect yourself from disease-causing viruses, it is recommended frequent hand washing. But be careful: contact with water and surfactants of the water-fat film, the so-called protective acid mantle is removed from the skin.

Also, the cool temperatures and the high level of stress in everyday life reduce, especially in Winter, the skin’s fat production. The tissue loses moisture and is more susceptible to damaging substances which can attack the skin cells. It’s high time for a hand cream: your task is to protect the skin against moisture loss leaves an occlusive layer on the surface.

So no skin can be given its own moisture to the outside. With daily use of hand creams can be an effective help to support the skin barrier by returning the skin’s lipids and moisture deficiencies to compensate for.

With daily use of hand creams can be an effective help. (Image: gresei – Shutterstock.com)

Signs of aging soften

In addition to the face, the hands betray our age, because not only rough skin, but also wrinkles and pigmentation disorders can occur.

Every day our hands by UV will be charged rays, which accelerate the aging process and the formation of dark spots to promote. Many formulations therefore offer a complete supply package for the hands. They supply the delicate tissue not only with moisture, but soften at the same time, the first signs of age, protect against damage to the skin and make the skin supple.


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Maintained to the nail tips

Every day a new color on the nails? This looks nice, but does not have to be, because, of course, nicely manicured nails are a real eye-catcher.

Before you put the nails in the desired shape, you should be with nail Polish remover cleaned. Grooves and imperfections can be easily compensated with a nail polisher. Finished the “Nude Nail Look is”.

Those who opt for color, you should in particular apply when Applying a dark nail Polish under the paint. It prevents the natural nail to become discolored.

To complete the manicure with a Hand and nail cream that moisturizes the skin and nails strengthens. Intensely nourishing Nagelöle ensure healthy nail growth and regenerate brittle and cracked nails. In addition, the nail bed and the nail can provide skin care and improve the structure of nails.

Care for happy feet

Our feet bring us only from A to B, but to regulate, with around 600 sweat glands per square centimetre of our body temperature. However, in the case of the care you are part of the body that is neglected most often. Phenomena such as dry skin, blisters and calluses are to be avoided, regular Lotion is particularly important.

Creams, for example, are ideal for the intensive care of stressed feet, and Gels, however, due to their light Texture and rapid recovery time as a care for between meals. Sprays have a refreshing, invigorating and deodorizing effect.

Each pedicure begins with a foot bath, the our running the tools for about 10 minutes bathing. After that, the skin is delicate especially nice – a scrub is usually enough to get rid of skin flakes and light cornea. If that’s not enough, ensure a callus file or pumice stone for soft feet. Now only the nails in the Form of files and with a pretty color paint and finished the “happy feet”!


Article by: beautypress.de
Article Image: © Sofia Zhuravetc – Shutterstock.com