Trends, colors and ideas for your hair for the summer of 2017

The cuts and the colors of the trend for the #Hair of’the summer of 2017 have been set by the fashion shows and the great professionals who are concerned with the hair of women from the years. For this season it has gone from a period of fixed rules the #Fashion of the beautiful but imperfect. Here’s the news this summer.

The cuts and styling of the hair

To speak of the “beautiful imperfection” was Eugene Souleiman, creative director of Wella Professionals. As usual, the star launch mode! So the locks of Scarlett Johansson, Kristen Stewart and Michelle Williams, or of the models seen on the runways and/or on glossy magazines, they create the trends that become popular even among the common women.



But the cuts all the same they are now at the terminus!

The shades of the hair, become of “one thousand faces” and the styling should not be too delineated, nor the smooth nor the curl. Freedom is the word order, which distinguishes the hair of Italian women. No more long cuts, unbalanced and asymmetric, says Stefano Lorenzi, the expert of the group,Aldo Coppola, who rejects the “heads series” to embrace the beauty of diversity.

And if you don’t want to cut your long hair? You can do this by avoiding, however, the lengths under the breast and yielding to the scaled. Those who love the mid-lengths-the court can opt for the cuts which caress the nape of the neck, but it is not the most fashionable shaved. Even the short-short is still the trend with a tuft or a fringe, that falls on the front or fix the back.


The colors of summer 2017

Another necessary element for the crown of this summer is the lightness ” in defining the fold, and to be perfect every day, you need to choose a cut that the gifts and the woman herself can define the drying of the skill of the hairdresser that cuts the hair so well that even alone, you can put them in the fold perfectly.

For those who love to dare with colours this season is a triumph of shades of pink, blue, red, purple (“we will see all the colors,” says Souleiman). And the icing on the cake in the sand, in shades from beige to ash. The staining, however, must be protected from atmospheric agents with specific treatments, and with an excellent shampoo and the oil.

For those who want to change it without excess, there are so many possibilities. Are you blonde? Test theIce Blond, a very light blonde, which, thanks to a bit of beige is also very hot. The red goes out of fashion the Ronze, a red bronze, very warm and delicate, which is produced in many shades, and is suitable for those who has brown hair.