To those who are good, and to those who are hurting the bushy eyebrows?

Photo: Pinterest

In the ’80s were an obligation. Now, after a long pause, and the bushy eyebrows are back and so fashionable to be ‘normal’. The greater indiziata of the resurgence of this feature is the british supermodel Cara Delevingne that, since the beginning, he decided to bring his eye-catching arch of the eyebrow in the most wild possible. The young trend-setter, made in the UK, in any case, it is not the only regulars of the trend. To bring them natural, for example, are also actresses Lily Collins and Anne Hataway, model Gigi Hadid and the princely fashion icon Charlotte Casiraghi.

But… they’re good to all? In fact, no. Some of their faces, can gain a decisive edge over by eyebrows glaring, while for others it is decidedly better not to tempt fate. You can bring them bushy if:

1. You have big eyes. What do they have in common the names of the celebrities mentioned above? All have large eyes and intense gaze. The eyebrows contribute to improve this last characteristic, giving a higher expressiveness.

2. They are naturally thick. If mother nature has equipped with the eyebrows important is because, in all likelihood, they are suitable for your face. In short, if you are showy, but with a look that is no artifact, you can be quiet; after all it is your natural characteristic. Maybe it’s good to pay attention to some possible peletto rebel that grows out of place.

3. You have a high forehead. A spacious front may look even more great with eyebrows thin. For this reason, bring them bushy, it is a good idea to cover the gap, increase the expressiveness and to make the area more charming.

You can’t permettervele if:

1. You have the front low. The reason is exactly the opposite of the previous point. The bushy eyebrows, in fact, would make the appearance even less spacious front low. The risk is to have a look dark … and too hairy.

2. You have eyes close. In this case, bring in an arch that is too eye-catching, it will give you an air of pouting and frowning. The effect is amplified if the eyes, as well as being neighbours, they are also small: eyebrows distoglierebbero fully attention, spegnendovi the look.