The perfect eye Makeup for any eye shape

How we act to our fellow human beings, depends in the first instance by the appearance of our eyes. A successful and harmonious eye Make-up is crucial to make the first impression that we leave with our Opposite, an unforgettable experience.

The most important step on the way to a stunning eye Make-up, how to wear it, for example, the Stars at the Academy awards, is the recognition of your own eye shape. Before resorted to so wild eyeshadow and Eyeliner, it should be determined the Form of your own eyes in the unvarnished state. In the Following, we will go to the different eye shapes and makeup tips, with the own eyes perfectly can be brought to bear.

Almond-shaped eyes, the measure of all things

Who large, almond-shaped eyes, must be lucky, because these are considered as ideal of beauty. Whether horizontal or ascending, women with this eye shape does not need to use the eye Make-up to any Tricks. All the others don’t need to bury your head in the Sand, because through specific makeup techniques, the perfect almond can form with other eye shapes pretending to be easy.

The little eye: not far away from the Ideal

The small eye is usually not far away from the ideal almond shape, however, it loses by its small Size highly effective. In these eyes, the shape of the eyebrows should be plucked rather narrow, and a bright or shiny eye shadow, to enlarge the eyes optically.

A slightly darker shade in the crease enhances the effect. White eyeliner on the lower inner lids with a small eye is the best choice, because it increases the White of the eyes and makes you more open. Dark eyeliner should be avoided in any case, because this makes the eyes appear smaller.

The round eye: – Colour contrasts are the key

Round eyes it is a lack of a defined top line. With this eye shape, the Makeup should pull-up the eye visually, so the appearance of an ideal almond is brought form. This effect is achieved with a light eyeshadow on the inner half of the eyelid and dark on the outer. In addition, the Stress of the external eye angle with a dark eye shadow or Kajal will ensure that the eyes are laterally stretched. Eyeliner should be always wider than the inside of the lower eyelid must be emphasized, because the eye otherwise would look more round.

Dark colors look smaller. (Image: vitals /

The protruding eye: Dark colors work.

Protruding eyes seem to big for the face and stepping out visually too far from the eye cavity. With this eye shape, it is particularly important to reduce with dark eyeliner on the inner eyelid and the White of the eyes and make the eyes look smaller. Ideal for a waterproof eyeliner that does not peel off due to the high moisture in this area of self is. For the eye shadow dark and smoky tones should be used, because with them these eyes can form excellent hide and a seductive look à la Femme fatale. Shiny or light-colored eye shadow must be avoided in any case, because these will make the eyes look even more prominent.

The slip song: with the right Make-up is not a Problem

The slip song, the eyelid crease is too deep, resulting in the upper curve of the eye is lost. The moving part of the eyelid to highlight with this eye shape best with light eye shadow. In addition, it is placed directly in the crease a darker shade that conceals the slip song visually. To enhance the effect of the Schlupflieds, there should not be plucked eyebrows too thin, otherwise the area between the eyelid crease and eyebrow, would dominate the eye region. Shiny may eye shadow, if at all, only hint will not be applied in a thin layer below the eyebrow, the slip song stand out even more. Matt and bright eye shadow for this eye shape but always the better choice.

The waste at the end of the eye: slanted lines for a fresh complexion

End-of-waste eyes, the facial expression sleepy and depressed. It is important here to draw the eye to the outer side of the optically up to the view with a new joy of living can Shine. The eye shadows should be at best oblique to the top and not on the imaginary line between the outer corner of the eye and the end of the eyebrow. Reinforce the lifting effect can be achieved by a line that is outwardly wider. Caution is needed in the emphasis of the lower lid, because dark colors attract the eye visually to back down.

The deep-set eye: not always a problem

If this eye shape is only slightly pronounced, prepares at the make-up no problems and can even look very interesting. It is different, however, in the case of strongly deep-set eyes. Here, bright colors are required, with which the crease is visually highlighted. Also a shiny eye shadow in this eye type suitable.


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