The milk Crystal from Kérastase for hair, dazzling ?

The beauty-addict that I am very fond of hair products I’ve too much in my bathroom, the place starts to miss, and more particularly to those intended to beautify my lengths and ends of dry and damaged, if you’re like me, here’s a product that should be of interest to you : the Milk Cristal Cristalliste by Kérastase. There is no need to introduce you to the brand that should already be familiar to you if you like to pamper your hair. Kérastase is a brand that represents excellence in haircare luxury, it makes every effort to meet each of the requirements of women and puts them at the heart of these ranges, the performance of which she knows how to show : innovations, assets gifted, unique formulas, etc

I must, before all, to admit that I never really knew this type of care, based largely on the visible aspects of the hair since usually I research products contractors. But now I have the necessary perspective to be able to tell you about it specifically since it’s been several weeks that I test the Milk Crystal.

Milk Crystal, Cristalliste, Kerastase : soin perfecteur multi-light

Here is how this treatment : a 200 ml flask, whose opening is at the bottom with a plug to unscrew. In addition to the fact that the packaging is very beautiful with this pastel pink, the packaging is not the most practical for use in the shower.

The promise of this treatment are concise and specific, since it is intended to soften, relax and smooth the hair fiber while providing the hair an extreme brilliance and silky. And the hair is radiant, light and airy.

The lead compound of this milk Crystal is the complex Liquid Light TM that encompasses the synergy of 3 active to act on all the problems of the hair long : so, there is a system anti-impurities to eliminate the body fat, polymers, moisturizers that will smooth out the fibre in a targeted way by focusing on the parts of hair that are sensitized and Aloe Vera illuminant for texturiser hair. The lengths are smoothed out to bring light captivating, the points are repaired, the fibre is coated and the layer of lipid to be protected. The touch is air and light.

The texture of this care perfecteur multi-light is milky, but thick enough that it can work. It is recommended by the brand to distribute the equivalent of a walnut on the lengths and tips and massage gently the hair to get the assets in the heart of the fibre. The result of this, it is necessary to leave on for 2-3 minutes before rinsing thoroughly.

What I appreciated with this product that works directly on the aspects of the physical , of the hair : it is that the result is immediate. Instantly, the difference is visible : the hair is more flexible, light, air and softened. The hair are more luminous and silky.

Where this Milk has made all the difference for me is that it is meant for natural hair ! In the sense that, exit the care to preserve, enhance, illuminate and extend the coloring ! It aims to highlight the natural advantages of a natural hair : strength, shine and flexibility.

But not only that, the Aloe Vera and the polymers that it contains will also promote hydration of the fiber and, in particular, to spikes which are frequently dry, to find a hair soft, smooth and textured. Result, one gets the hair clean, soft, hydrated, silky, shiny and light.

On the medium term and in spite of my mid-length hair, I really do see that they have gained in flexibility and lightness. The fiber is more soft, more smooth to the touch. Detangling is much easier. I am really very happy to be able to swim my full head of hair in this milk Crystal, and I urge you to try it too.

Then the girls ? Do you use this kind of products ? Halfway between the conditioner and the mask ? It tempts you ?