Sun Disk Sephora : My new bronzing powder

Hi everyone! As the title of the article, I finally decided to get out of my comfort zone and test, and finally, a new tan! 😉

It is simple, since I make up, I only used two bronzers: Nude Tan from Dior, and the Pro-Bronze-Fusion of Make Up For Ever. Okay, I admit that I have also dug out the bronzer of the palette, Rose Golden Zoeva but I haven’t so much worn that her two other friends 😉

I was looking for a new bronzer for a bit of a change and I was completely seduced by the visual of the edition 2016 of the Sun Disk by Sephora! I had already heard a lot of good previous collections, so I have not hesitated, especially in view of the quantity and price of: 18,50€.

Sun Disk Sephora : My new bronzing powder


I don’t know if I really need to comment on this wonder! Sephora is inspired by the majestic gates of the palace, oriental and the result is really beautiful and captivating. Without this design there, I would have may be not reported to this sunbathing for me!

The Sun Disk is really very wide and exceeds even the palm of my hand. It is in the same format as the edition for the olympic games of Rio that Cyrielle has already presented in the video.

At the opening, a pleasant smell of clean, similar to a crème Nivéa, emerges.
And here you have a view of the beautiful oriental design! There are three colours, slightly iridescent: a caramel, a brown darker and a bright coral in the centre

Under the lid, a huge mirror which is really a very good point!


The first time I swatché this Sun Disk I was quite surprised. The product is very pigmented and quite dark compared to my skin tone. And then, I’m a little worried, will I be able to wear it or not?!

Sephora specifies, however in the product description that the sundisk sublime all the skins of a tan ultra-natural, without any traces and inrat!


As you say, with a brush tan classic and on my skin clear, it is the disaster! Looks like I have a tanned face but not my neck and my cleavage = result not natural at all!

Clearly this sunbathing requires an application with a duo fibre if you are of my skin tone. This brush is essential! It used to take much less material and provides a made it much more natural.

But still you need some tips to not miss your complexion 😉

I pick the powder the more clear to the outside world with my brush-duo fibre Luxie. I tap my brush on the back of my hand to remove some of the pigment before working the powder in a “3” on my face: temples, the hollow of the cheeks and jaw.

It should be noted that no drop of product is to be deplored, the tan is not at all powdery which is really appreciable.
To finish, I take a duo fibre, this time in Elf, and I pick the eye shadow abricoté of the environment in order to apply it to my cheekbones. The whole thing is easy to work with and to blend.

I find that my complexion is really magnified with this combination of powders. The color brown has allowed me to warm my face and the blush gave him a little more “life”.
In the end my brush touches sometimes the darkest color without really using it.

The + :
– A lot of product for only 18,50€
– Oriental Design beautiful
Powder – very pigmented
– Combination of 3 complementary colours
– Powders are easy to work with
– Large mirror

The – :
– Need to have a brush-duo fiber
– Most recommended for darker skin
– Size very large, not practical to carry it everywhere

My review on the Sun Disk-oriental edition 2016 of Sephora is rather mixed.
This is not the kind of tan that I can choose when I only have a few minutes to prepare myself. It is too pigmented and too dark for my skin clear and it takes time to obtain a result that is portable.
It is a very nice product in its case that worn, I can not deny.

If you have dull skin, I can only recommend to you the sundisk that will easily enhance your skin tone!
If you have a light skin like mine, I advise you move on your way. I think you can find a tan much more easy to use for a similar render.

For me, the Sun Disk Sephora remains a beautiful product, a great discovery, but not a favorite.

And you, do you have any bronzers to recommend me?!