Perfect nails – square, round, pointed, short or long?

Perfect nails for women as precious as precious jewelry pieces. They are a sign of care and femininity. Finger nails can become extremely creatively designed, because there are a variety of colors numerous nail shapes, which can cause quite a stir.

Choosing the right nail shape should be well thought out, because not every imaginative brand creation, is also suitable for professional and daily life. There are many professions where it is mandatory to wear the finger nails very short and inconspicuous.

Nevertheless, simply decorated finger nails don’t have to be boring. There are many ways to give your nails a special touch and present it with style. A crucial factor is the chosen nail shape is next to the desired color. Over the last few years, many nail shapes have been established for perfect finger nails, the variety at the hands of spells.

Natural nails or Gelmodellage – perfect nails shapes in different Trend

There are many possibilities, the finger-nails to give more Shine. The simplest method is surely to beautify the natural nails even with care, color and nail paints. In order to obtain perfect finger-nails, should be prepared the natural nails. May first old nail Polish needs to be removed. The finger nails are filed into the desired shape. Care lacquers give the nails more strength and provide you with the necessary vitamins and minerals. After Applying your desired color, seal with a Toplack, and you’re done. The advantage here is that you your nails at any time and at short intervals again and again, vary can. Today, Red, next week Blue … no Problem. The disadvantage here is that your work of art is very limited in time and you have to revise the finger nails regularly.

Alternatively, you can also by an experienced and trained nail designer to your perfect nails in the nail Studio. In this method, your nature will be analyzed nails first, to ensure that a model is able to be charged to your nails and nail diseases. You can be a model location for pure natural nails without artificial extension benefits or you get your nails to a desired length, extend it.

This can be done with different Tips, or a template extension. The extension about templates is somewhat time-consuming, but achieves a much more natural result. Therefore, this method is for the more experienced Nail designers is the preferred variant. An advantage of the template extensions, the fact that the natural out your nails grow does not see the artificial extension. Another plus point for a model location, is the durability. Gel or acrylic nails usually keep for about four weeks before you should be filled up.

There are many possibilities, the finger-nails to give more Shine. (Image: © Bluesky images

Short or long – as long perfect fingers should be nails?

This is a question you can not answer, because it depends on various factors. First, it is a question of your personal taste, how long the fingers should be nails, which you feel yourself as beautiful. Many women dream of long nails, others prefer more natural and suitable for everyday use length. In addition, the length of the finger nails must be also to handle. If you wish for a particularly long finger nails, you will need to get used to at first, because it is very unusual to go from short to long nails. This can be at work or in your own household very cumbersome. With long finger nails to deal skillfully requires a lot of Practice and habit. It is therefore advisable to extend your nails, piece by piece. It comes with extra-long nails due to accidents or carelessness to a nail breakage, so this is very painful.

Even short nails can be worked on the nails, perfect finger. It is the care, clean-made nails, and small stylish Details, the backs of your nails in the right light are rather.

Popular nail shapes for perfect finger nails

There are numerous nail shapes, which can be simple or elaborate and artfully filing.

The following forms are particularly popular:

  • Classic Square
  • Squoval
  • Marilyn Shape
  • Ballerina Shape
  • Round/Oval
  • Classic Almond
  • Gothic Almond
  • Russian Almond
  • Mountain Peak
  • Stiletto
  • Edge
  • Lipstick
  • Arrow Head

As you can see, are very many various variants for your nail design. Each Form has its peculiarities and requires certain Feiltechniken, so that the desired effect is good.

Popular nail shapes for perfect finger nails (image: © NEGOVURA –

Classic Square straight nail tip

Nails in the Classic Square Look that are widely used and are one of forms of the most-worn nail. They are true classics and is particularly popular for French Nails. However, even in full cover or with elaborate nail art, this nail is popular form of for many ladies. In the case of Classic-Square-brought nails the nails in a rectangular shape. First of all, the page will be filed lines. The nail is as wide as the natural nail bed. The nail tip is filed. This is where a good eye is necessary, so that the top runs true and straight. This nail shape is best for small hands and long fingers, because they apply easily and the fingers a little wider.

Classic Square straight nail tip (image: © bezikus –

Squared Oval, Squoval called – rectangular with rounded corners

For this nail shape already in the Classic Squares of the mentioned points apply. In the case of the Squovals only the corners are rounded off discreetly and easily.

Squared, Oval, Squoval (image: © berezandr –

Marilyn Shape – slightly tapered with a straight tip

This is a very popular and fashionable nail shape. Also this is a slight variation on the Classic Squares. In the case of nails in the Marilyn Shape, the side lines are shaped slightly oblique, to the front of the tapering. The nail tip itself remains as the Classic Square and straight and is not rounded on the corners. This is a particularly beautiful and suitable for everyday use a nail form, which is suitable for all hand. The Hand looks slimmer and very elegant and graceful.

Marilyn Shape (image: © Igor Stepovik –

Ballerina Shape – a modern modification of the Marilyn-Shape-nails

The term Ballerina Shape is still quite new, and a brand describes the form for perfect finger nails, similar to nails the Marilyn Shape. The difference is that in the case of the Ballerina Shapes to the page lines rounded off slightly towards the tip filed, while the Sloping at the Marilyn-Style are just filed. Also in the case of the flats, the spikes to be straightened.

Round/Oval without corners and edges

Round or oval filed nails, which give a very natural Look. They are also proven in demanding activities, and in professional life. The oval nail shape on the page are filed lines straight and only the nail tip is distinctly and evenly rounded. This works best if the nails are a little longer. The round nail shape the nails are filed from the nail bed to round, and is therefore also suitable for particularly short nails.

Round or oval filed nails, which give a very natural Look. (Image: © marigo20 –

Classic Almond – perfect nails in an almond shape

Almond shaped nails are also widely used, and the finger nails are very trendy and fashionable appear. As a rule, the nail length depends on the Size of the natural nail bed. The extension, whether it’s natural nail, or artificial extension, measures about a third of the natural nail bed. The nails are filed in the Form of an almond, i.e., the side lines are tapered, and are forward more and more narrow. The tip itself is rounded off. This nail shape is also a classic, and is worn by many ladies. Perfect nails in an almond shape are absolutely suitable for everyday use and suitable for any hand shape.

Almond shaped nails are also widely used and let the finger nails very trendy appear. (Image: © ruzanna –

Gothic Almond – extra-long finger nails in an almond shape

Nails in the Gothic Almond Style, the extreme continuation of the classic almond shape. Here, the nail tip is the same length (i.e., up to 100 %) as the natural nail bed. Also here is the page to be tapered lines to the front easily and the tip is rounded. Perfect nails in this shape are very eye-catching and are best for special occasions. To make these nails requires a lot of Practice and patience.

Nails in the Gothic Almond Style, the extreme continuation of the classic almond shape. (Image: © Irina Pechyorina –

Russian Almond – extreme Length for the skillful women’s hands

The nail shape Russian Almond is a further increase to the Gothic Almond. Here, the nails are extended extremely. The tip of your nail is more than 100 % longer than the natural nail bed. It is, therefore, almost stiletto heels. But is also rounded off here, the tip of your nail, one speaks in General of the Russian Almonds. These nails everyday are hardly compatible and can be mainly found on the Championships for the nail design on the inside.

Mountain-Peak – short Stilettos

Mountain Peak is called a nail form, which was worn to date frequently, and modeled, but still no name. Today a short tip nails are referred to as Mountain Peak. These are nails that are filed from the nail bed towards the tip pointed. There are so short Stilettos. This Form is very distinctive and eye-catching.

Stiletto – long and pointed

Also Stilettos are particularly striking. The nails are modeled in Length and from the nail bed towards the tip of strictly diagonally filed. The tip itself remains in this case is also pointed and not rounded. These nails are only suitable for experienced makers.

Also Stilettos are particularly striking. (Image: © Olga Ekaterincheva –

Edge can only be achieved with appropriate Tips, or an experienced filing technique for model layers

A more modern variant for nail forms Edge-nails. In this Form, the nail extension works in the center and the length to be bent. Thus, a sharp edge is formed on the upper side of the nail tip. This can only be done with pre-formed tip-extensions, or with solid Gel, or air-cured acrylic which is filed after the Hardening in this Form, achieved. The side lines can easily be rejuvenating, or even just worked. The nail tip is also designed to be pointed. The only way this edges effect on the nail. This nail shape is very unusual and rather rare.

Lipstick – asymmetrical and on-Trend

To make perfect finger nails in the Lipstick Style is not difficult, but requires a Dose of courage, because these nails are very noticeable. For this new Look, the side lines of the nails are filed straight. The nail tip is clearly designed to be oblique. One side of the nail tip is therefore longer than the other. It is important that the Slope is very filed accurately, only the asymmetric effect also.

Arrow Head with arrow-shaped tip

With the arrow-shaped nail shape, you can also attention. This Form has established a reputation for perfect finger nails is only in recent times properly. In the case of the Arrow-Head-filed nails, the side lines exactly straight, to filed the tip of your nail a clean and clear tip, similar to an arrow tip. Both the Transition from the Straight to the top as well as the tip itself should not be rounded off.

Arrow Head with arrow-shaped tip (image: © KOBRIN PHOTO

Flare is a phenomenon of the United States

In Europe this Trend so far, in the USA, these nail celebrates success form, however, be quite. The sight of Flare-nails, however, is very strange and is contrary to the popular ideals of beauty. Perfect finger nails in the Flare to create the Style only works on a template extension or Flare Tips. In the case of Flare-nails is the nail tip to be wider than the natural nail bed. This looks very artificial and is reminiscent of goose feet. Therefore, it is not surprising that Flare nails are colloquially also referred to as a “Duck Nails”. This is definitely a very striking and idiosyncratic style, the polarized.

According to the Form of colour into the game

You chose a nail shape, so it can go to editing. Here you can let your imagination run free. When you varnish with nail work, make sure that you ausbesserst very clean work and any blemishes with a correction pen. Don’t forget your nail tip, whether it is pointed or to seal around it with nail Polish. So you can make sure that no water can penetrate. Your painted nails are thus more durable. In the Model designer by a nail, you can also implement your creative ideas.

Don’t forget your nail tip, whether it is pointed or to seal around it with nail Polish. (Image: © abelena –

Extend the nail bed visually

Especially for longer nail shapes, it is advisable to extend the nail bed visually. This is especially true for French Nails, which can be designed for any nail length. If you choose a nail shape that is relatively long, so it is visually inappropriate, if the nail bed appears to be very short, and the tip of your nail too long. For the aesthetic appearance and visual perception, it is, therefore, to extend the nail bed artificially. In the nail salon this method is already being practiced longer, but the corresponding nail lacquers are now available.

To achieve this optical nail bed extension, you will need a nail Polish in a natural pink or Beige. The nail is filed into the desired shape, the natural nail bed with the so-called Camouflage-paint or model layers of Camouflage Gel extended. Eighth on a beautiful and natural rounding. After Drying or Curing, you can make the French in White or also in color. In the process, make sure that a beautiful smile line is drawn between Camouflage and French.

A few tips for creative nail design

Perfect finger nails, you can decorate it optimally handles with some additional hand. For very fine lines it is best to use a very fine nail art brush. With a little Practice, you can draw delicate lines. Points in a variety of sizes, you can apply very simply with a Swirl, DotPen. You should have a hard time with the Pull of the smile line, you can also use pre-made templates. This easy-on nail glue, the tip of your nail with varnish, Gel or acrylic coloring, stencil, pull it off and to dry or cure. With stickers or nail Tattoos, you can make your perfect finger nails also to a certain topic. So, you can conjure up nearly any decoration on your finger nails.

If you let your nails in nail salon design, then you can also Airbrush a fantastic and impressive motif with elaborate gradients on nails spray. Airbrush is one of the king disciplines of all the nail design on the inside.


Top image: © berezandr –