New short cuts to be ‘irresistible’ in the summer of 2017

The summer of 2017 has finally arrived and many women are looking for a new hairstyle. Of trend we will be the #short cuts and all, “irresistible”. Now we will see all the latest news.

Short cuts

The crown court can withstand in every season and are perfect for the beach and not only. This type of hairstyle as well as being very practical to style, makes you feel a woman who is always cool and very cheeky. Proposals are really a lot, but the main character will be the double cut. For those not familiar with this type of head of hair, it is a cutting with the shaving on the side of the head and on the top there will be a nice tuft long enough.



At the beginning this type of hairstyle was thought to be for men, but in a very short time managed to win the women also. The famous double-cut was also divided into two types of look, the cutting bowl and the pixie hair. It should be remembered that these locks are ideal on a face with perfect features, so be careful.

Trends and shades

To style this type of #Hair is easy and it requires just a few minutes. You can bring super unkempt, a look that is very jaunty. Or all to the back, using gel or foam, or with the wet effect. There is really spoiled for choice, so a girl in any occasion can show off a look that is always new. With regard to the new shadeswill be trendy, blond, very clear, the ice and the red.


Instead, for those who dare are perfect purple, blue and green. Are to absolutely avoid the brown and the black.

The effect disheveled on all lengths

The famous effect disheveled is not good, only on a head of hair short, but over all lengths. On long hair you will see the waves a lot to read and extremely soft. The important thing is that these hairs are very well kept and without any imperfection, so the success will be assured. For a crown short , you can opt for a hairstyle is very natural, where you will see the line side, or the bunch brought it all back. Even the bob you can take it moved, with the strands of hair to the sides of the face, to frame it. Can’t even miss the bun, the strands will fall on the head of hair. To finish there will be the braid, the proposal in soft version, to bring it to the side. As you have seen, the proposals are all to be copied. What are you waiting for to show off a new short cut in the summer of 2017. #Fashion