New short cuts: look irresistible in the summer of 2017

Thesummer of 2017 has finally arrived and this is the right time to show off a new hair cut. Of trend, there will be a crown court, all irresistible. Now we will see all the latest news about.

Crown court

In this hot season, the short cuts will be the real protagonists and, in particular, the hairstyle of the beautiful Paola Barale. She is sporting a beautiful hair very short. In this type of cutting are also present of shavings, the famous undercut. This beautiful look has been designed by a famous hairdresser, specially for paula, and the video of the changing of hairstyle has been published on different social networks.



The famous anchorwoman with this new look, looks even more girly and very feminine.

Cuts clean-shaven and not only

Much required will also be cut smooth, perfect for a girl who wants to try and radically change their look. The much loved will also be the famous pixie cut, to choose from in various versions. It starts from the very short, until you get to the more classic. Maybe then you can make some shavings on both sides of the neck, or only on a part. The pixie, the current will have a nice clump asymmetrical, very nice. To be more elegant, perhaps for an important evening, you may choose to comb your #Hair all to the back, using the gel. As shades you can bet on a beautiful platinum blonde, to always be the center of attention.


Maybe you can also opt for some wisps of colored, in particular, the sides of the face.

New shades

With regard to the hue, this also appears to be a very difficult choice. Trend there will be the sunset blonde. For those not familiar with this new shade, this is a very nice blonde very load, in which there are shades of pink and red. This type of color is still very much in demand and does not need much care. The sunset blonde is perfect on a basis that is very clear, so the nuance will be more bright and equal on the entire length. This new proposal can be made on all types of lengths, medium, long and short, however, of this last the shadings have not see a lot, so you must be very careful. As you have seen, these proposals are all irresistible and waiting to be copied immediately. So what are you waiting for to show off a new short hair cut in summer 2017? #short haircuts #Fashion