New hair cuts: proposals for the spring-summer of 2017

Are coming continuously proposed, on the new hair cuts for spring-summer 2017. There will be trends for all women and now we will see all the latest news about.

Hair cuts

With these new locks, the mind catapults you towards summer, with days in the open air. That said, the trend there will be cuts in the short, medium and long , so all of the girls will be satisfied. There will be proposals, even the most original, as for example the curls very structured and it should not be forgotten, that all the bob will be crowned. The #curly Hair will remind of the ’80s, the helmets you will be able to bring in a thousand versions. Also the effect of the sleek will be highly demanded and flaunted all the time.


It starts with the hair long, in which there will be waves very soft. If a woman has blonde hair, everything will have a nice movement and line you can move to the side or in the middle. With this kind of hairstyle, you can also opt for a curly very delicate, to have a romantic style. Also the scaling can never fail, which will be built at strategic points. The fringe can be chosen in many lengths, short, show, long, asymmetrical, instead, the tuft must be strictly long. The helmet is to remember the ’60s, with a fringe super disheveled hair. If a woman wants to point to a nice short-cut, this will have the fringe is very important. Curly hair with a fringe, will have the famous wet effect, very easy to make. To have a look to rock, it is perfect for the bob, which will have to have the regrowth, the big trend in the upcoming seasons.


Also as for the hairstyles, there are many proposals. The horse-tail can be carried high or low, depending on different occasions. The classic braid never goes out of #Fashion, maybe it can be embellished with clasps, with rhinestones, very original. The chignon is suitable only for an important evening, and with the right make-up, the success is assured. So what are you waiting for to show off a new haircut in the spring-summer 2017? #hair cuts