New hair cuts: look for all women, spring-summer, 2017

Many women are already desperate to find a new hairstyle for the spring-summer of 2017. Trend there will be many proposals and are waiting to be discovered. Now we will see all the latest news about.


The protagonists of the season will be, without any doubt, the short cuts, all very jaunty. This type of crown is easy to wear and to style, you also do not need much care. Also with regard to the hairstyles, there really will be spoilt for choice, there will be proposals for all occasions. With regard to tones to be able to please all women, from nuance normal, until you get to color a lot more strong and determined.


It begins with the famous pixie cut, which resists every season and as a detail, there will be shavings, on the one hand, or both. Also the cut boyish will be much in demand and bob remember the vintage style. Bangs can bring in a thousand versions, short, long, fashion show, full or light, really perfect on every cut. Tufts are present on the sides of the face, so in this way it will be framed to perfection, for a romantic style. For ahairstyle particular, you can opt for the middle row or lateral, the latter are also worn on a head of hair move. I #straight Hair should always be shiny and clean, and a free hairdryer and brush or to the plate. Another hairstyle timeless is the wet effect, embellish with a brooch with the rhinestones, maybe for an important evening.

Hairstyles and colours

With regard to the hairstyles, a proposal fast can be the tail of the horse, to carry it high or low. To choose the version side, if in the summer, with a sunny day, you decide to bring a nice hat. The bun should be put very high, to fight the heat and the warm. Also the braids are very easy to make and there are many versions, herringbone, disheveled hair, or soft, to satisfy all the girls. Look for a rock, the rasta’s are ideal, but they are suitable only to women who are not afraid to dare. To finish there are the shades and on-trend, there will be: the brown, the copper, the black raven and the blond. As you have seen, just very little for you to renew your look. So what are you waiting for to show off a new haircut in the spring-summer 2017? #haircuts #Fashion