New hair cuts: hair irresistible in the spring of 2017

The spring 2017 is approaching and to welcome you perfectly, you should show off a new hair cut. Trend there will be many proposals and are waiting to be discovered. Now we will see all the latest news about.


It already feels in the air, the new season is coming and this is the right time for you to renew your look. Of trend, there will be a crown with a wet-look, but the waves will not be large, but must be flat and much more discrete. Is sporting this type of hairstyle, the famous Kendall Jenner. Will be very required helmets, which will remember the ’90s and should not be overlooked, not even the bob and all the cuts very short.


Also, the hairstyles will have a role very particular, because they will be able to completely change the look. The undisputed star will be the horse’s tail, and bring very high. The queue in this way, it will also help to erase the wrinkles present on the face, thanks to its lifting effect, then it must be proven absolutely. Do not miss even the famous braid, and bring in a thousand versions, all irresistible. All the hair will be very voluminous, however, they won’t even miss the #Hair super smooth, like those that port in this period, the beautiful Jennifer Lopez.

Cuts medium and not only

If a woman does not love the short cuts, you can opt well for the shag or long bob. It is a middle way, the length of which reaches slightly below her shoulders. With this kind of hairstyle, you can very well bring the braid or the ponytail, no problem. Then there will be the accessories, and here via the free elastic, mollettine with the rhinestones, circles and bands and super colorful. However, if a girl wants a fresh look, maybe for shopping, a must be the hat, better if it is worn with the tail to the side. As you have seen, just a little to get a whole new look. So what are you waiting for to show off a new hairstyle in spring 2017? #haircuts #Fashion