New hair cuts: hair captive in the summer of 2017

We are finally inthe summer of 2017 , and this is the right time to show off a new hair cut. Trend there will be many proposals and all are to copy. Now we will see all the latest news about.

Hair cuts

When a new season comes, you always want to renew their look. The cutting required of you is without no doubt the lob. The hairstyle in question you can also do it on a medium cut, but you can take it well even on hair well-scaled, so everything will have a nice movement. As a detail, you can opt for a fringe, of any length and the look will be perfect.



How hairstyle you can bet on a proposal very much in the summer, such as beach waves, really gorgeous and then it is also very easy to make.

New hair

A cut brand new will chope cut, sported with great ease by the singer Katy Perry. The realization of the chope cut is very easy, because it takes only a number of cuts applied net, and is ready to go. It should also be remembered that we can also create many hairstyles. Regarding the shades, you can opt for the beautiful grey, platinum blond and pink, the latter also offered in different shades. It should not be forgotten, even the famous helmet of the unstructured. This type of cut is flaunted even by the beautiful Belen and will need to be scaled according to the rule of art. To finish you can not miss the pixie cut.


The foliage in question is present in every season and can bring very short, with the shavings. As a nuance instead, you will have a perfect platinum blond, really beautiful.

New shades

Even the choice of a new shade is very important, then, must be done with great care. On trend this season and for the coming months, there will be the nude hair color. This new technique is able to render color much more bright because of the various reflections will be exalted. Furthermore, in this manner, the nuance will be well-balanced and there will be no more ugly color differences. Then, there will be the traditional colors, such as chocolate, honey blonde, brown and red. As you have seen, there are many proposals and all are to copy. So what are you waiting for to show off a new hairstyle insummer 2017? This is really the right occasion for you to renew your look and be the center of attention. #haircuts #Fashion #Hair