New cuts hair summer 2017: the rage, the rack to the Belen Rodriguez

You will want to renew the look perhaps opting for a new cut of #Hair? On the front of the #Fashion, the cuts hair in summer 2017 , there is a big news: the carré to the #Belen Rodriguez. The beautiful showgirl has succumbed to the charm of the canopy to medium-to-short, and decided to radically change her hair look to take a carré really particular that is already depopulated in the Beautiful Country. It is a carré par that reaches the shoulders and is enriched by some details that make this hairstyle a real trend of the season. But we are going to explore everything in detail and let’s see what is the cut of the summer 2017.

Belen and the new cut

Belen Rodriguez has appeared on a social network in a single-shot black-and-white, with a beautiful cut for medium hair that he has now conquered his fans.



His cut, weblog Cotril, is a carré with the strands side reaching the shoulders and a slight scaling towards the rear. A look that is truly unique and fresh that is already all the rage in beauty salons Italian. Cool and casual, the cuts to medium hair are among the most popular of the moment because they’re good to anyone, and are very versatile. And with the days more and more sultry haircut is always a great solution. If you want you can bring to this particular cutting a fringe, tuft, or you can copy the whole look of the showgirl argentina. Belen Rodriguez has given a beautiful overhead kick [VIDEO] his long mane of argentina by choosing a carré that highlights his face. And there are those who argue that his change of look is due to a break-up with Andrea Iannone.


It will be just so?

The hair fashion summer 2017: the ‘Chop Cut’ american

And if the cut of Belen is depopulated in Italy, overseas more and more women are converting to pixie cut proposed by the star: Cara Delevingne, Katy Perry and Kristen Stewart. These three women have launched the cutting of the summer of 2017, it is a fresh pixie cut blond ice that each of them brings in a slightly different way. Kristen Stewart opted for a boyish with highlights, Katy Perry has chosen a trendissimo ‘Chop Cut‘ with a mini-fringe frayed while Cara Delevingne has due to the needs of the script, raparsi to zero the hair but now that I have slightly grown back, they have assumed a beautiful aspect. But be careful, these short haircuts are not suitable for all. It is necessary to have the features right. To continue receiving news about the hair fashion please click on the button FOLLOW.