New crown court and medium: all the look of summer 2017

Thesummer of 2017 after a long wait, came, and with it the desire to show off a new hair cut. Of trend, there will be a crown court-and medium-sized. Now we will see all the latest news.

Hair cuts

In this crazy and hot season, will be very much in demand mid-lengths and short cuts. Then you will see the bob, super disheveled and messy. Watching a bit of the star, Katia Pedrotti has led in the past the helmet is smooth , and instead now opted for a nice wob. This is the perfect opportunity to renew your look, thanks to the beautiful weather and the desire for a vacation, so I better take advantage of it. Now we are going with the order and we will see step by step, all the proposals you want to copy absolutely.



Foliage medium

The undisputed protagonist will without no doubt, the long bob, not to mention the short bob and the wob. Many girls are choosing these types of hairstyle, because they are very versatile and easy to wear. In addition, they are also very feminine and sensual. Many times you choose a medium length because this is the perfect cut to show off when the heat and the heat makes you feel. The hairstyle in question can be styled in a thousand different ways. You can opt for the tail of the horse, to a nice bun or braid. The famous Jennifer Lawrence is bringing with great ease, the bob, with the threads and scaling. The bob can be rough or smooth, depending on a number of occasions. To top it off, the wob with the fringe will be really irresistible.



Also with regard to the hue on the #Hair, there are so many proposals. There will be nuance from the classic, such as brown, caramel, blonde, chocolate and copper. If, instead, you want to opt for colors a little bit special, here are the cherry red, blue and purple. Not forgetting the pink and the orange, both gorgeous. Of the new shades of the season, will be all shades of beige. In this period we must be very careful in coloring the hair, because the mix of sun and salty air could ruin the tint just made and this would be a sin. Therefore, it should be remembered to apply it on the hair of the specific products, including sprays and creams, which will help keep bright color and it will be as soon as done. As you have seen, the proposals do not lack and expect to be all copied. So what are you waiting for to show off a new short hair cut and medium in summer 2017? #haircuts #Fashion