Needling: skin rejuvenation without Laser or a scalpel

The human skin has amazing regenerative abilities. As soon as it is violated, Hiking stem cells in the wound to support healing. Needling takes advantage of these activities. More still: The small roller, it triggers a targeted manner.

“Pins and needles” in the Anti-Aging cosmetics as a Revolution. The treatment is not painful, is a burden on the skin hardly, however, very good results. Every person has with this method is the possibility to get a surgery, a significantly firmer and fresher skin. In addition to the treatment of the facial treatments to body regions that do not respond to other therapies unlikely to provide, such as neck and décolleté, amazing results.

How does Needling?

On a special roller called a Dermaroller, is a dense, fine needles with a uniform length of approximately 4.0 millimeters. There is also a Dermaroller with shorter needles. The Minimum is 0.5 millimeters. What is the needle length, the expert used depends primarily on the skin to be treated area, but also of the specific structure of the skin. By the medical-cosmetic expert with the roller rolls across the treatment area, it creates thousands of tiny wounds. So it does two things:

  • The natural cell-biological processes such as collagen formation, continue to be amplified. Scars are not to be feared.
  • For a few hours, the natural skin is a barrier out of action. Thereby, it is possible, regeneration of the skin to inject supporting substances directly into the skin.

Some beauty clinics offer their patients optionally, Needling by means of electronically controlled pins. In the treatment of head very fine needles that extend up to 1000 Times within a Minute. The advantage compared to scooters is the fact that different needle depths. Pain nobody needs to be afraid of. The treatment is always done with local anaesthesia using an anaesthetic cream.

Needling is used for the skin rejuvenation. (Image: Robert Przybysz –

What Needling does exactly?

The skin is eager to repair themselves in the treated areas as quickly as possible. Then, the deeper layers of the skin release a greater number of Elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid. These are exactly the substances for the strength and elasticity of the connective tissue responsible.

In addition, the skin immediately after the Needeling an increased capacity. The formation of collagen, stimulating, rejuvenating acting cosmetic active ingredients can penetrate deep into the tissue and the treatment to be effective support. The first results are seen one to two days later. Because cell renewal is spread over a longer period of time, it may take a few weeks to months, until the final success.

What is Needling?

The method is versatile. It is suitable for all regions of the body and for all skin types. Those who are interested, you should definitely consult a dermatological centre of expertise and thorough advice. In the case of the following indications Needling is used most often:

  • Tightening sagging skin
  • Reduction of wrinkles except for deep wrinkles or expression wrinkles
  • Improve the appearance of the skin in case of scars, especially acne scars
  • Correction of sun damaged skin
  • Defusing the risk of pregnancy and stretch marks
  • The pores, reduce the size of the complexion

Because the skin is destroyed or removed, and the needles only a few millimeters deep, there are hardly any risks. The skin regenerates and recovers by itself. This is exactly why Needling is often a very good Alternative to a surgical Facelift.

What is a session?

Important a detailed consultation is always. After an extensive examination of the skin areas to be treated, a specially-trained expert will create a treatment plan, in which, for example, needle length, session duration, repeat appointments, and recommended additional products are described. Regardless of the specific circumstances in the relevant dermatological practice and which may be associated with deviations from the running a meeting about the following:

Initially, the treated skin is cleansed area thoroughly. Then, about 30 minutes before the Needling, the surgical and cosmetic specialist, a special anesthetic cream. After the exposure, you remove the cream again. It is a careful disinfection is done. A calming Serum is applied. Now the actual “needles”. The effect of optimize, a beautician immediately after the treatment, the hyaluronic acid and/or other collagen-supporting substances.

After the Needling, the skin is reddened for two to three days, and possibly slightly swollen. Sometimes a light Make enough up, and the usual activities, nothing stands in the way. Anyone who is uncertain and can afford it, should plan for a facial treatment rather one to two days holiday. Already on the day after the treatment, the first results are visible. No later than on the third day, the redness disappears. The complexion looks fresher, firmer and younger. Scars, sagging, stretch marks or Cellulite are less visible.

The main advantages of

Compared with other procedures to improve the appearance of the skin, such as lasers or Botox injection, the skin at Needling neither thin, nor do they get artificial substances injected. The thinner the skin, the more influences, the more sensitive you are to sunlight and other environmental. Artificial substances can cause allergic reactions. When Needling, the natural thickness of the skin is maintained and thus also your self-protection.


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