Multimasking: the five masks, four combinations, eight solutions beauty

Multimasking, namely: the use of multiple forms of beauty – in the subsequent binding, or applied simultaneously on different areas of the skin – to get the most from the results. A new way to conceive the beauty routine, and much more targeted and effective.
The contemporary application or layering of masks is very useful when the facial skin has different needs, “explains Sabrina Casadio, trainer and beauty expert Kiehl’s. “The needs of the skin can also vary over time and be influenced by climate and weather. This solution will, therefore, act on multiple issues at the same time“.

In order to respond effectively to the different needs of the skin, the laboratories Kiehl’s have formulated specific goggles, based on selected natural ingredients that can cleanse, soothe, moisturize, brighten, and detoxify. But not only that. Thanks to multitasking it is possible to use these masks in combination in order to achieve two or more objectives at a time.
With the advice of the beauty expert Kiehl’s, we have identified four different combinations to choose from depending on the type of skin (normal, mixed, sensitive, oily) and its objectives.

Multimasking suitable for Normal skin/Mixed
Calendula & Aloe Soothing Hydration Masque + Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque

This treatment can be run at any time of day from one to two times a week. The mask Calendula & Aloe soothes, moisturizing and revitalizing, relieving the skin with a refreshing effect instantaneous. The association with the Rare Earth Masque will also remove impurities and reduce the visibility of enlarged pores, thanks to the action of the white clay of the Amazon, with a rebalancing effect on the skin mixed.
How do you
Apply Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque on the T-zone, taking care to rinse it before it dries too much on the face. Stretch out subsequently the Calendula & Aloe Soothing Hydration Masque to the entire face and keep it in place for ten minutes. After rinse and proceed with the usual routine-based tonic/serum/cream.

Multimasking suitable for all skin types (except those prone to acne and sensitive)
Turmeric & Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Masque + Calendula & Aloe Soothing Hydration Masque

This treatment applies the method of layering, and can also be used as SOS soothing after a day from the intense pace. The Turmeric & Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Masque, with turmeric and cranberry red, has an energizing effect immediately on the skin and is ideal for brightening up the complexion in view of an evening. Added to this is the immediate freshness and the soothing action of the mask with a base of Calendula & Aloe.
How do you
Apply on face the Turmeric & Cranberry Seed Masque and leave on for 5 minutes. Emulsifying after with a little water, massaging the mask into the skin with circular movements, so that the seeds of the blueberry are able to do their gentle exfoliating action. Rinse and then the face and apply the Mask to the Calendula & Aloe, leave to act for 5 minutes. Rinse and proceed with the usual routine.
SOOTHE & MOISTURIZE Multimasking indicated for Dry skin/Sensitive
Calendula & Aloe Soothing Hydration Masque + Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Masque

This treatment is particularly suitable for the evening: while the mask based on the petals of the Calendula & Aloe carries its soothing, moisturizing and rivitalizzande on the skin, restoring freshness and softness, the Ultra Facial Overnight, and left in the pose throughout the night, and allow you to restore the water reserves of the skin, thanks to a formula with protein-glacial pro-hydration and extracts of desert plants that help to protect and strengthen the skin barrier.
How do you
Apply a layer of the mask to the Calendula & Aloe to the entire face. Rinse after 5 minutes and cleanse your face with the tonic. Then apply a layer of the Ultra Facial Overnight all over the face, excluding the eye contour. If you feel the need to remove the product before going to bed, dab lightly on the face with a tissue and leaving a thin layer of product residue throughout the night.

Multimasking suitable for combination skin/Oily
Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque + Cilantro & Orange Extract Pollutant Defending Masque

A treatment in the evening that thoroughly cleanses, regenerates and repairs the skin of the face, especially when exposed to pollutants. Combines the purifying and astringent properties of the white clay of the Rare Earth Masque to the effect of the detox of the Cilantro & Orange Extract Masque, in which the formula’s high concentration of anti-oxidants, it fights the signs of premature aging, regenerates and acts as a protective film, by limiting the adhesion of polluting particles on the skin. Repeat up to three times a week.
How do you
Apply the Rare Earth Masque and leave it on for a few minutes. Before the mask dries remove it with water and wash them after your face with the tonic. Then, apply the Mask to the Coriander and Orange extract. After 10 minutes, blot with a tissue to remove the excess, leaving a thin layer of product on the skin, so that they can act throughout the night. In the morning you proceed with your usual beauty routine, taking care to add a sunscreen.

Since the choice of treatments and the relative connections are made on the basis of the type of skin, for the whole month of May, in the boutique Kiehl’s Italy it will be possible to make free of charge an accurate analysis of the skin. Objective: to discover the type of and check at the same time if your beauty routine is really the right one. Discover addresses and appointments, and immediately scores a date!

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