Miracle Cure Apple Cider Vinegar?

As a home remedy of Apple cider vinegar is a centuries-old Tradition – the list of uses is long. But the miracle really helps against acne and helps in weight reduction?

The Egyptians swore on the effect of Apple cider vinegar, and Hippocrates recommended it for the improvement of the health of a mixture of Apple cider vinegar and honey. Around 5000 BC the Babylonians should have made vinegar as a cure. Later, Hildegard of Bingen made use of the beneficial properties of Apple cider vinegar. She realized that the composition of the vinegar is best used on the human body.

In the middle ages, medium-advanced vinegar to a true miracle, there were numerous varieties and application which came with the advent of modern medicine into oblivion. In the last few years, the Apple experienced vinegar, however, a great Comeback.

Different publications dealing with the healing effect of the vinegar. The valuable ingredients of fruit vinegar, will be described. Vinegar contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids and pectin substances and trace elements. Experts emphasize that these ingredients occur in very small amounts and hardly has a positive effect can have.

Apple cider vinegar – also a tip for those wanting to lose weight. (Image: © Ryan Jorgensen Jorgo – shutterstock.com)

Power drink from Apple cider vinegar

However, many people swear to the healing properties of Apple cider vinegar. As a morning Drink two teaspoons of Apple cider vinegar, a glass of water and a teaspoon to honey and the pounds on the hips melt away and fat reduction. Fact: When you Remove the miracle cure is only supported to a limited extent. If you want to reduce weight, one must change his diet and move. It is proved that the acetic acid stimulates the flow of saliva and production of digestive juices in the intestine. Hot the hunger and appetite for Sweet to be slowed down by the ingestion of vinegar.

To stimulate the metabolism the miracle cure can be used. Only the digestion supportive effect of vinegar is proved. If Apple helps vinegar really to weight loss is not been scientifically proven. In case of bloating and flatulence of the power drink is helpful. In addition, the fruit makes vinegar for a healthy intestinal flora, since the acid putrefactive bacteria are killed.

Apple cider vinegar should you take by no means undiluted, because the containing acid may attack the tooth enamel! Diluted the fruit can bleed vinegar against the gums, or inflammation of the mucous membrane of the mouth help, because he effect, has an antiseptic. A positive effect in the case of heartburn is attributed to the Apple cider vinegar also.

External application of vinegar

Although scientific evidence is not all vinegar with the vinegar. Externally apply Apple cider vinegar acts in the case of acne, psoriasis or skin injuries. The fruit vinegar has an antibacterial and decongestant effect. In the case of bruises or painful insect bites have proven to be compresses with Apple cider vinegar. A sun of fire, the cool, soothing poultices with vinegar.

After the hair wash, a rinse with diluted Apple cider makes vinegar for a shiny head of Hair. Anyone who has suffer from dandruff, massage the undiluted vinegar to the scalp. The acid pulls together the cuticle layer of the scalp.

After the shower, dilute Apple cider with water vinegar on the skin, RUB very invigorating. The formation of skin fungi is inhibited and the blood circulation is promoted. For some time, even the sweat is to be reduced. According to reports, Apple cider vinegar acts under the armpits massaged similar to a Deodorant.

Bath additive in the bath water to achieve the Apple vinegar detoxifying results. (Image: Africa Studio / Shutterstock.com)

Also as a Bath additive in the bath water the Apple to achieve vinegar detoxifying results. In case of itchy or burning skin a bath soothes with Apple cider vinegar the discomfort and reduces the itching. Even if scientific evidence is lacking, is in place of the cider vinegar in Natural medicine: As a remedy for a sore throat or cough is the vinegar equally helpful as a fever-lowering muscles in the calves or chest wrap.

According to information provided by the consumer advice centre of Baden-Württemberg, a study of the European food safety authority has shown that there is no scientific evidence for the effect of the fruit vinegar. The experts point to the fact that a purifying and detoxifying effect could not be determined. In particular, prior to the Apple cider vinegar capsules as a dietary Supplement available in the market, warn consumer advocates. The effect of the capsules is not been proven, and probably only the Profit of the manufacturer. An intake of two teaspoons of fruit vinegar as a cure, nothing stands in the view of the experts, however.

Who wants to make Apple cider vinegar yourself, it takes patience. (Image: © Africa Studio – shutterstock.com)

Apple to manufacture vinegar self

To the vinegar itself, you need patience. For the manufacture of Vinegar sour varieties such as boskoop, are particularly suitable. Fill freshly squeezed Apple juice in a suitable vessel made of earthenware, they left with a plastic wrap to make an airtight seal. In the course of the fermentation carbon dioxide is formed, so the plastic cover is lifting up, probably easily. The mixture should rest in a warm place for about six weeks.

After the expiration of the time to fill in the resulting cider in a vessel, cover with a cotton cloth. Optimally, a Gärballon is suitable. Now it is time to wait again; by shaking the container every now and again easily. After a further six weeks, Apple has emerged vinegar, you have to clean before further consumption of the best through a Filter.

Apple cider vinegar-cure – test yourself!

If you want to test the effect of the “wonders of using Apple cider vinegar” self, you should mix in the morning before Breakfast with a glass of water with two teaspoons of Apple cider vinegar. You put a spoonful of honey, taste of the brew is less acidic. To achieve an effect, you should perform the treatment for at least four weeks. And even if scientific evidence: forum: using jQuery plugins!

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