Microblading: the technique for perfect eyebrows

The eyebrows are once again the protagonists on the faces of the female and have regained that role of the first plan that had been denied them, recognizing the ability to give character to the face and enhance the look. For years the must was to have them more and more subtle until there has been a change of route. For some time, in fact, the fashion wants to the eyebrows more and more dense, but very well maintained, and defined. How to fix if up until now you were slaves of tweezers and your eyebrows, in time, have become more and more sparse? Pencils are specially designed for the eyebrows, and ad hoc products are definitely a viable solution for infoltirle and fill the holes but if you want to avoid having to define the shape of your eyebrows every morning, here is the technique that is right for you: the microblading. We find out what it is.

Photo: Pinterest

The microblading: what it is and how it is run
The microblading, still little known in Italy, is an evolution of permanent makeup. The technique is always to insert pigment under the skin to draw the eyebrows, but the result is much more accurate than the old tattoo. The hair, with this practice, are drawn one at a time through the needle-thin soaked in ink. For reconstructing the eyebrow, going to infoltirlo and to cover the empty spaces, is used a particular tool in the form of a pen. The session lasts about two hours and after three or four weeks to be made a tweak to give more definition. Like normal tattoos, even in this case, with the passage of time, the microblading may slightly fade but can always be touched up.

The advantages of microblading
Eyebrows, thanks to the particular instrument used, are drawn in a super-realistic manner, makes the shape, volume and color. The result will be very natural for the possibility to choose the hue of the pigment that is best suited to the complexion and the natural color of the eyebrows.

How to prolong the effect
To prolong the effect as long as possible, just follow a few simple trick. First thing to do is not to wet the eyebrows in the 48 hours following the treatment. Apply a cream made of vaseline to facilitate the removal of the scabs that form as the skin heals. And, to top it off, avoid rubbing it frequently and excessively the eyebrows.