LR Health & Beauty: Jungle Woman and Jungle To go love adventure

The spring is coming and love is in the air – now comes together what belongs together. Inspired by the exoticism of the jungle, with its diversity of colors, colorful flowers and tempting fruits of LR Health & Beauty has created the fragrance for women Jungle Woman.

“The new Eau de Parfum is the perfect piece to Jungle our popular men’s fragrance, You. Together, Jungle Woman and the Jungle and an exotic adventure: It’s strong, alluring scents that perfectly complement stop, long, and memorable,“ says Jessica Deventer, Vice-President of Marketing and Communication at LR Health & Beauty. The new fragrance for women impresses with its intense floral-fruity Note.

Seductive passion with Jungle Woman

The Eau de Parfum Jungle Woman embodies the Spirit and lifestyle of a strong woman in the urban jungle. The perfume is a blend of Mandarin, melon and black currant in the top note. Pink hibiscus, peony, Lily of the valley and Pink Apple from the blend in the heart notes and essences of cedar wood, sandalwood and musk round out the scent. It is an exciting, exotic and seductive scent.

The freedom of adventure with the Jungle To The mysterious fragrance of Jungle Man gives men a certain power of attraction. Green mint and bergamot in the top notes lend the fragrance its Freshness while cardamom, lavender and carnation give the fragrance its spicy Note. Tonka bean, sandalwood and cedar wood round out the Eau de Parfum and make it individually, naughty and self-willed. The fragrance arouses the desire to have a wild and independent life: Welcome to the jungle of life!

Suitable for Valentine’s day, there are both scents in the Set.

LR Jungle Woman EdP
50 ml
24,99 €*

LR Jungle Man EdP
50 ml
24,99 €*

LR Jungle-Set of EdP (Jungle Woman Jungle Man)
2 x 50 ml
44,98 €*

*Non-Binding Price Recommendation


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Article image: LR Health & Beauty