If after Washing itches and burns

You know that as soon As you open your wardrobe, you need to sneeze, and hardly a piece of kept wardrobe has touched your skin, you are overcome with an irresistible itching. In addition, after shower – baths and full baths, as well as after hair wash the entire body redness, as the consequences of an Insect or a reaction to contact with toxic chemicals.

They have no vermin in the house, where they operate a hazardous waste storage. What so it is?

Now, you may be suffering from an Allergy – that is, a disproportionate distribution of the body’s own defensive substances, through which the organism tries to protect itself against a threatening influence. Such an Overreaction is accompanied by a series of “typical” symptoms – which also include the above-mentioned count. What this has to do with the contents of your closet or bathroom drawers, you will learn if you continue reading.

Maybe you left your Knowledge about the triggers and signs of an Allergy as a result of our assertion fix. Then you have to remember now, probably due to the fact that the consumption of certain foods or contact with animals, plants or dust in some people

  • Respiratory symptoms with sneezing attacks, coughing, or shortness of breath,
  • Digestive disorders with abdominal pain, Nausea, or diarrhea, as well as
  • a modified skin with redness or itching

. A particularly strong allergic reaction to the people suffering in the extreme case, a shock that favours life-threatening situations. In the rule triggering factor is Affected by the Allergy is known, so that they avoid him and but onset can take Overreaction counter-measures.

This is all known to you; but actually it is not the case with you, because you have previously responded to neither animal hair nor food allergic. And a reference to the problems that you have with your clothes or the daily used personal care products, you can’t get this information also.

Then it is very likely that you have an (as yet) unrecognized Allergy. Such experts speak, when typical symptoms occur, but no clear trigger can be attributed. One of the most unrecognized lasting allergies, the over-reaction to Laundry detergent.

Yes, you read that right. Washing powder, fabric softener, shower gel & co. contain substances on the sensitive or prone individuals who are allergic or in consequence of which they can form an Allergy. In addition to brighteners, preservatives and fragrance, especially the so-called surfactants are substances responsible for – that is, those substances, by the washing means in the first place are able to remove dirt, grease, and Sweat from the clothes.

Because the formation of the symptoms in question surfactants are mainly used on cleaning products with the human skin in contact, call Doctors, and consumer advocates is an over-reaction to these ingredients as a detergent-intolerance or detergent Allergy.

By far the largest group of people with dermatological diseases such as eczema, fungal infection, etc. (Image: Hriana / Shutterstock.com)

Such suffering, according to recent surveys more people than previously thought. By far the largest group of people with dermatological diseases such as eczema, fungal infection, etc. In principle, the intolerance or Allergy can affect any.

If you are allergic to one, several, or all of the ingredients of detergent, you

  • Itching in nose and eyes,
  • fierce, in the brief intervals following sneezing attacks,
  • swelling of the nose mucous membranes and/or
  • increased secretion,
  • slight to marked redness of the skin and/or
  • moderate to severe itching or Burning.

You have a particularly sensitive skin, can increase the two last-mentioned symptoms quite for atopic eczema with moisture or extreme drought-prone areas.

If you have detected in the above-described signs, observe you in next time exactly, whether these occur really only when in contact with freshly laundered clothes or body care products. The only way you can be sure that none of the “misdiagnosis” to succumb – because, as you know, can have an Allergy to many reasons.

Detergent are fixed as a trigger, you should avoid the Allergy-promoting ingredients in the future: see list on the next shopping on the Declaration and you consciously decide for products without harmful ingredients.

Here, you will notice that many manufacturers take into account the continuously increased risk of allergies in the population: more and more brands have in addition to the “normal” compound washing powders, fabric softeners, shower gels, Shampoos or bath products are also allergen-free and allergen-free versions to offer. This is indicated by a the same print, or additional designations such as “sensitive” and “Allergy tested” and the clear indication “free of surfactants”.

An Alternative to detergent make up plant-based. Under this traditional soap nuts are gaining in popularity. The guaranteed pollution-free fruit you may receive in Whole or in already processed Form at all retailers, the sustainable products for example health food stores or health food stores – so. To keep for more information the probably most natural of all the detergents we use in one of our next posts ready for you.


Article Image: © Kaspars Grinvalds – Shutterstock.com