How to run a successful blow-dry like a pro ?

We dream all to be able to reproduce ourselves to the sublime, and famous blow-dry output of the hairdresser ! With the right moves and a little practice, this is not mission impossible. We share with you all our tips, for female solidarity.

Have the right equipment

Before you begin, you need to choose the right toothbrush, it is to say that which will be appropriate to the nature of your hair, otherwise you will not get the effect as desired of the perfect blow-dry.

The brushes

Choose a round brush as it is going to allow time to untangle and wrap the strands of hair to give it movement. The brushes boar bristle are strongly recommended, especially for fine hair as it will unravel smoothly and make them more brilliant. For women with thick hair, opt for a large round brush ceramic because it has the advantage of keeping the warmth and well disciplining the hair for the smoothing. Select the diameter of the brush depending on the length of your hair and the hairstyle you want. The brushes of medium size are useful to any type of hair but are mainly used to loosen the roots and get a texture more flexible. The brushes are even smaller are useful for making loops and the brushes they are used to smooth out without making blow-drying.

The hairdryer

Next hair dryer, it is advisable to use a model ionic powerful (2100W), warm, with a ventilation fresh of preference in order to neutralize the static electricity, to preserve the hydration of the hair and to obtain a drying without frizz. The models that we find everywhere today are inspired by those used in professional salon with temperatures easy to adjust. Also prefer the hair-hair end cap which allows to widen the breath of hot air and does not burn the hair.

Care pre-blow-dry

To maximize the life of your blow-dry, use of specific products : shampoo, conditioner, milk, disciplining or thermo-smoothing, spray anti-frizz or volume, etc ; are all allies to smooth and tame your hair !

Because hair healthy is much more easy to style : the hair gets shaped easily and quickly. On the other hand, the hair that does not receive enough of the appropriate care may be missed sebum, which causes the long opening of the scales. The hair is dry, brittle, and difficult to discipline.

Remember before you start

The most important thing is to follow the natural movement of the hair, it will be nice to upset a spike, it will necessarily have its place sooner or later.
For drying, it is essential to proceed in stages, bits by bits starting with dry hair from below, the rest being attached to and raised with a pair of pliers. It is always necessary to finish with the sections of the top and the fringe.

The trick to ensure the upkeep and longevity of the hairstyle, it is alternating hot and cold when you dry a wick : hot air, in the first, softens and dries the hair, and then the cold air tightens the scales and fixed the hair.

How to run a successful blow-dry like a pro ?

After you have washed your hair

– Blot it dry with a towel dry to absorb moisture to a maximum, without the rub, at risk of undermine.
– Untangle your hair gently using a wide toothed comb (démêloir), starting with the spikes and then up gradually to the level of the lengths. And finally, from the root to the tip.
– Pre-dry your hair by holding your hair dryer at a distance of 10-15 cm to avoid damage to the hair. Separate the strands with your fingers to let the hot air. When you switched to blow drying, your hair should be barely damp.
⇒ head is tilted down if your hair is fine and without volume, taking off the roots with your fingers.
⇒ On the other hand, do not do so if your hair are frizzy, curly, or with a good natural volume.

The specific treatment

This is the time to use a skincare product that will facilitate the brushing. Apply it on the lengths, and then comb your hair. Take care not to get any on the roots, because the product skin and wrinkle smoothing tend to grease the scalp.

The formatting

Your brushing is doing it strand by strand, separate your hair using tongs. Attach the bulk of your hair on the top of the head leaving free the strands from the nape of the neck and sides. It is through these that you will begin to discipline your hair.

The technical

With a large round brush, roll the hair from the root to the tip by directing the flow of air in the same direction as the brushing. Opt for a dry-hair cap that you can place perpendicular to the brush and head towards the drill bit so that the air penetrates the hair.
Then drag the brush down while continuing to dry. The dryer must be 5 cm from the brush and not glued to the hair at the risk of the burn.
Over blow-drying, drop the wicks in the top of the head and repeat the same gestures.
For a perfect blow-dry, iron two or three times on the same wick. Finally, put the dryer on cool to set the hairstyle.

How to dry a fringe

It all depends on the desired result. If you want a fringe stiff and flat, it is advisable to let it pre-dry it naturally before completing the drying using a round brush with small diameter. For a fringe that is thick and voluminous, it is better to dry it when it is still wet, using a large round brush.

To finish

Apply on the lengths a smoothing serum or a hairspray to complete.
Not to spoil, raise awareness and weaken your hair, don’t overdo the brushing and try to limit yourself to one per week.