Hair removal with thread: why is it worthwhile, where to get, how much it costs

Safe, effective, without contraindications. Hair removal with thread, east is the alternative to waxing, tweezers and razor that in Italy it is gaining more and more women. But on the face of aesthetic treatments is not new: “it Is an ancient technique that has indian origins, which in course of time spread also in the arab countries, affecting, in general, all populations, women who had a greater need to “keep under control” the hair, “explains Samantha Gentile, who is running this kind of hair removal on the eyebrows and the delicate areas of the face, in the Salon of Franco Curletto of Milan.

Compared to other common methods, the wire eastern has several advantages: “it Is by far the less invasive, does not irritate and is therefore suitable even on skins that are very sensitive“, says the expert. “To eliminate the hair that is removed directly at the root and uses a simple cotton thread indian, without a direct grip on the skin“.
Nothing tears the saddest (in the case of the wire is felt at most, a slight tingling), microcracks, or irritation resulting in folliculitis, then. And even the poor precision of the tweezers: “With the use of the wire, in the case of the eyebrows, I choose which hairs to remove exactly, what it is impossible for example, with a waxing. In respect of the use of the tweezers, in addition, the wire is much faster and allows you to eliminate the hair thin on the upper eyelid, in the case of the eyebrows, or on the area sovastante the lips“.
The great precision related to the use of the wire east allows, however, to make a stroke much more clear-cut eyebrow, which makes this technique suitable for particular forms, for example, the “gull wing”.

But the benefits of this ancient technique (which still, more often than not, is passed down from woman to woman and not learned through specific courses) are others. Leaning gently on the area to be treated and massaggiandola, the wire stimulates the microcirculation. In the most weeds out the hair at the root, it takes longer to grow back and, with time, weakens it.
As a treatment, finally, is perfect for the summer: after the hair removal with the thread of the eastern it is not necessary to wait 12-24 hours before exposure to the sun because the skin is not subjected to stress.

Convinced and eager to try it, too? Here is a selection of Salons and beauty Centres in Italy where it is possible to book this treatment. With addresses and prices from the North to the South!

MILAN, Salone Franco Curletto
Via Pasubio, 12
Tel. 02 6556 0542
Costs: 30 euro full face, € 20 eyebrows € 13 a moustache.

MILAN – Benefit Brow Bar/Sephora
Corso Vittorio Emanuele, 24
Tel. 02 76280495
Cost: eyebrows 23 euro

MILAN – the Sun the Moon
via Rosolino Pilo, 3
Tel. 02 29521847
Costs: 30 euro full face. 15 moustache, 15 eyebrow, 15 chin

MILAN – Plumes Lash&Brow
via Clusone, 1
Tel. 02 45388335 / 373 7145920
Cost: hair removal corrective with wire-first session, 25 euros, retouching, monthly 20 euro

MILAN – the Centre for Aesthetic Kiwa
via Colonna Vittoria, 13
Tel. 02 43910151
Cost: 15 eyebrows 12 lip, from 25 to 36 euros

MILAN – the Ancient Pharmacy of the Brera
via Fiori Oscuri, 13
Tel. 02 86461949
Cost: from 15 euro.

MILAN – The Aesthetics Thread
Via Atto Vannucci, 2
Tel. 02 58431940
(Hair removal also whole)

BOLOGNA – The Fate of Jupiter beauty Centre
Via San Vitale, 13
Tel. 051 237529

ROME – Aroma Massage health and beauty
via Ferrante Ruiz 12-12°
Tel. 06.3054248
Cost: eyebrows from 8 to 10 euros, whiskers 5 €

ROME – Sheherazade beauty Centre Eastern
via Otranto, 30
Tel. 06 39031105
Costs: full Face (package of 3 sessions ) 70 euro, eyebrows (package 5 sessions) € 50

ROME – Thana Aesthetic
Via di Monte Brianzo, 46 – 47
Tel. 06 6832035
Cost: eyebrows 13 euro, whiskers 13 euro

ROME – The Sacred Tree, natural appearance
Viale Sacco e Vanzetti, 68
Tel. 06 4064998

NAPLES – beauty Violet
Via Bernini, 25 – 2nd Floor Scale – Vomero
Tel. 081 5565141 – 2292033 – 5780220
Cost: hair removal with thread eastern 9 euro

BARI – MySpa Wellness Centre

Viale Einaudi, 70
Tel. 080 926 0763

CATANIA – beauty farm Il Melograno
Via Quintino Sella, 11
Tel. 095 8185643