Hair fashion 2017: will it be boom short cuts, the latest news and trends

The hair fashion for spring summer 2017 will be characterized by a real boom in the short-cut , which undoubtedly will be proposed in all its shades, from the boyish to the cuts, more sensual, going for those that are more extroverted and aggressive.

Cuts short hair, latest news February 2017: it will be a boom in spring and summer

In short, the woman who, in the past, has never loved the short cut because it believes that this would compromise their sex appeal and their capacity of seduction, will have to come up with a reason: if you want to follow the #Fashion, will have to give a…cut to the past, in the true sense of the word. And the moment, then, deciding to renew your look, taking inspiration from the actresses of hollywood, from the singers and from the models most in vogue.

Fashion spring-summer 2017: cutting short classic, but not only

Regarding practicality, there is no denying it: the short cut is much easier to manage as it does not need touch-ups too close together in time. You can consult with your hairdresser of confidence, but the latest trends of fashion #Hair spring summer 2017 suggest the short cut classic, or, alternatively, you can opt for a structured or, even, for a cheeky ‘rock and roll’. For those who want to dare even more, there is the shaved on the side or you can choose the solution (very chic) of the tuft, always lateral, more or less long. A useful tip to give volume and movement to short hair remains one of the tuft to the side.

Cut short but also the medium: the latest in February 2017

Laetitia Casta, Renee Zellweger, Sharon Stone and the extravagant Lady Gaga, to cite only a few examples, we offer all these varieties of cuts. For those, however, remains conservative and does not want to overturn completely your own look, better entrust it to a medium cut. If you have curly hair, the best solution remains that of a cut that gives volume to your hair: for those who love the bangs, you can opt for the ‘fashion show’ that will contribute to the softening of your face.

Therefore, away for free to #cut short hair for the spring and summer 2017 , according to the latest fashion trends: you will follow our advice? Soon with upcoming news about the hair fashion 2017.