Hair fashion 2017: flat waves, and the tuft side mania

With the arrival of the year 2017 arrives, also the new hair fashion. The trend of the moment are mainly two. This is for flat waves and clump to the side. Are the two elements that you must absolutely have in order to be fashionable. How to make #wavy Hair? For those who are suitable? See all the details of this hairstyle.

Flat waves: for those who are suitable and how to create them

The trend of 2017 are the wavy hair but not too much. It’s called Flat Waves and is characterized by waves, flat and easy to build. The cut is very similar to the beach waves that were very fashionable in the summer of 2016, but they are less defined and do not create any volume in the crown. Are suitable for all those women who want to have a hair wavy natural. it is a hairstyle to be chic and perfect for different occasions. This hairstyle is suitable for those who have the hair straight while it is absolutely not recommended for those who have wavy hair or very curly. The flat waves enhance highly the cuts a medium-long. The ideal cut is the long bob because it is not very long but not too short and can guarantee a perfect hairstyle.

To create the flat wave just use the plate and create a corrugation that is barely visible. Must be just mentioned. If you do not want to use the plate you can also make braids and fix them with lacquer. The let it rest for a couple of hours or all night and then the melt.

The tuft side

#Fashion, hair, 2017 see also the tuft side, for those who don’t love bangs. It allows you to give movement to the hairstyle and put much emphasis on the look. In the end it is always the right choice either if it is worn smooth, it is wavy, long, or short. The tuft softens facial features angular, and make the faces a bit in the flesh. It also dampens the effect of the long nose and emphasizes the look. If the rogue also makes you sexy. It allows you to give life to a cut as a short bob. The tuft must be scaled and has to cover a little the ear.