Hello everyone ! I’ll be back in video today to tell you about an object which is entered in my routine care anti-imperfections, there was now 3 months ! I have named : The light Free Skin Talika !!!

As you know being a teenager I never really had pimples or acne (except for a small button here and there as a lot of girls in period rules). In short, I was rather lucky until last year …
Then, it was not more severe acne to the point of taking a treatment, but when we pass from a skin smooth and without imperfection with a lot of micro-cysts and pimples (sometimes very badly) localized on the cheeks and jaws, well, it takes fear ! For almost a year every morning I woke up with a new button ! That is to say that I’ll be able to eliminate to make room for a new ^^.

Of course I changed my routine care, I turned to the brands of otc products such as Avène, Sanoflor or Laroche-Posay. I have also changed my diet, more fruits and vegetables, less milk and less processed products. This has somewhat improved the situation, but my imperfections persisted ! Then I saw that some of the institutes offer sessions LED to combat this problem. I was immediately very interested, but the price has me put off, and living in England did not allow me to do the sessions regularly. So I finally dropped the idea.
Then one day while strolling on the site of Sephora, I fell on light anti-blemish Free Skin Talika ! I had a coupon for -25% and my brother has offered up for my birthday 🙂

I’m not going to spoiler the video here, but I can tell you that after 3 months of use, I absolutely do not regret this purchase ! I have fewer blemishes, pimples will disappear much faster than before, without leaving any traces or stains and level black dots, I have much less than before !
In short, I invite you to watch the video to learn more, but one thing is for sure, the light Free Skin and for me this is the beginning of a long story !

Tell me if you have already tested this kind of light, and tell me also what are your products magic anti-imperfections 🙂