Five beauty masks for home

Who wouldn’t want a smooth, clear skin that seems to radiate from the inside? However, products from the perfumery are not only often very expensive, you can never know exactly what is included in them all, really. So why not masks for the face with simple ingredients from the fridge or the pantry itself was finished?

The presented beauty masks are not only hundred percent, of course – but also precisely to the needs of different skin types matched.

Rich care for dry skin

There is a tendency in the facial area to a dry skin, it will make the often exposed skin cells noticeable. In order to maintain the skin, one must use ingredients that contain plenty of fats and Oils so that the skin soft and supple. With an Avocado mask to the face is supplied with all nourishing ingredients to make it radiant and velvety soft appear.

All you need are two tablespoons of Avocado and yogurt. The Avocado should be ripe and soft, so that when Mixed in a homogeneous mass forms.

In order to achieve an optimal result, should be removed from the face before Applying the mask of any Make-up. For this purpose, a scrub to remove dead skin particles effectively. Now the mask is applied gently to the face and has to move in ten minutes. Thereafter, the mask, rinse with lukewarm water and the skin feels baby soft.

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Coffee not only makes you from the inside out kicking

Coffee contains caffeine and is known to have an invigorating effect. Anyone who suffers from tired, abgeschlaffter skin, which can make this caffeine in a mask takes advantage of. There is a mix for eight teaspoons of coffee grounds (preferably still warm from the coffee filter) and two spoons of honey and olive oil. This mixture with light circular movements massage into the skin of the face (eyes please knock out!).

Now, you can sit for 30 minutes back and the mask, then rinse with lukewarm water. Fully one carries out the Rinse light circular finger movements, you will get even a great exfoliating effect. Through the Peeling, the skin looks clearer and is well supplied with blood – it looks instantly refreshed and yourself “awake”!

With oatmeal fresh start of the day

Oatmeal not only serve as a delicious Breakfast but can also be combined with the right ingredients, the skin instantly felt softer and smoother. For this oatmeal mask, you pour 10 TABLESPOONS of oatmeal with 4 TABLESPOONS of hot, but not boiling water and left for two minutes. Then add half a tablespoon of honey, a tablespoon of yogurt and a little protein. These ingredients are stirred to a smooth Paste. The mass gets too tough, you can add, depending on your needs, other yogurt. The mask is now applied in a thin layer to cleansed face and must. move in 10-15 minutes. Then with warm water the face, gently rinse off.

Beauty masks with oatmeal (photo: Anna Ok

The Egg – a miracle cure for every skin type

An Egg can achieve many different effects if it takes place in a mask to use. Who is blessed with normal skin, for example, can use the whole Egg. It is beaten in a small bowl until frothy and the face applied. The skin is supplied with moisture and refatting Oils. The mask should be rinsed after about 30 minutes.

One has to contend with dry skin, use only the egg yolks. Simply break open the Egg and mixed stir with a pinch of sugar to a mask. The mask should be washed off with warm water, to dry in which it begins. One tends to be oily, shiny skin, a mask made of an egg white, a splash of lemon and a teaspoon of honey a true wonder. The skin appears clear and almost like matted.

Pampering face mask with lavender

These face mask are best in the evening, if you want to let the soul dangle. Not only does it provide silky-smooth skin, but the lavender is also calming and relaxing. There is a mix of six tablespoons of natural yoghurt with a tablespoon of honey, and dried lavender flowers. The face mask can be plotted thicker, and should act a half an hour. This is the perfect time frame, once really in the bath to turn off! The skin is supplied by the mask with plenty of moisture and smells can also be heavenly.

Beautiful with lavender flowers (picture: Subbotina Ann –

The edible “mud”mask

Mud may be good for the skin, but really appetizing, it’s not working. Therefore, there is the one-hundred-percent edible – and quite tasty – “mud”-Alternative. For this mask you mix two tablespoons of Greek yoghurt (or Quark), each with a teaspoon of cocoa, lemon juice, butter, milk, and honey. In the end, you mix a quarter of a banana in crushed Form. As soon as a homogeneous mass has formed, spread this generously on the face and leave for approximately 20 minutes. The skin feels after this mask revives and velvet soft.

Quick Peeling

To get rid of the skin quickly and easily from Makeup residue or skin particles, this simple, but very effective exfoliation. Coarse sea salt with olive or sweet almond oil mix, until a smooth Paste forms. With circular movements, apply to the face and massage into the skin. Rinse with warm water. By the Oil the moisture locked in the skin and it looks radiant and healthy. Any appeal to exclude, the Paste prior to use in the face in an inconspicuous place (for example behind the ear) to test and make sure that the mask gets in the eyes.


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