Fashion hair: big hair and shades, in the summer of 2017

Thesummer of 2017 is making itself felt, and this is the perfect opportunity to show off a new hair cut. Trend there will be a mix of the pixie cut and bob. Now we will see all the latest news.

New hair

Many times women are very indecisive when it comes to choosing a new cut of #Hair, however, looking at the magazines and the stars, everything will become simple. In the latter period is arrived, a crown it all new, in which the hair on the front are much longer and on the back are short or very short. This type of cutting must be done by expert hands, so no diy. That said, to make a long cut on the front and short at the back, the first thing you must blend perfectly with the scaling and the game is done.



This type of hairstyle is suitable on the face, square or round. Instead, it is to be absolutely avoided if a face is too stretched. It also is perfect on the crown smooth, for example, those of Victoria Beckham and Gwyneth Paltrow. On curly or wavy hair is better to opt for a nice bob.

Cuts face heart

Many women have a beautiful face to the heart , and many times do not know which cut to choose. However, with a little attention, the solution always exists. First of all you must make this type of face much more harmonious. You should always prefer the cuts to medium or long, the ideal are also the curly hair, or slightly wavy. You can also opt for a beautiful tuft , or the famous fringe. To avoid absolutely the crown court, because the front would look really very good.


After a new hairstyle, a new shade is always very important.


Trend in this warm season, there will be meches blond or red. There are many types, the sombre, the game, the damage free, the blorange and the natural root. In the latter the regrowth will be from one to three centimeters, and not more. To finish highly in demand will be blue hair, or more precisely, theocean hair. Within this new nuance may be present even touches of green. To make a crown very original, after having made the blue hair, the tips you can opt for a beautiful turquoise and the success will be assured. As you have seen, these proposals expect all to be copied. So what are you waiting for to show off a new hairstyle insummer 2017? Then why not, even a new color is always perfect on all women. #haircuts #Fashion