Fashion hair ’17: cuts, news, here are the latest trends and styles to imitate

Amaze will be the watchword for the year 2017. The #Fashion #cuts #Hair addresses the short-cut , but not too much, but also to the average shear dutifully with the fringe and, why not, also the long hair provided it is necessarily soft. Let’s see what are the latest trends for the new year, those to suggest your hairdresser for a new look.

Cuts short hair 2017: long pixie and a short bob

The hair is short, like usually little women, this we know and it is well known, also because it is thought that the short take off a lot to the effectiveness of feminine charm. In any case, the 2017 will propose a short-cut without exaggerating too much, making wide use, then, long pixie, able to keep, however, of the lengths important with the support of a tuft are particularly accentuated. Another must have will be represented by the short bob, always accompanied by the fringe or tuft.

Fashion cuts average 2017: years ’70 and ’80, via free at the long bob

As anticipated in recent weeks, the fashion cuts hair and 2017, resurface the nostalgic style of the seventies and eighties, especially with regard to cuts, medium: green light to the long bob , however, will present some innovations, in particular on the scaling.

If, instead, prefer long hair, then take care to keep it very soft, with waves, to the greatest extent possible, fluffy and elastic. Space, therefore, the waves from the cover, so to speak, in style models, Victoria’s Secret.

Color hair 2017: caramel and warm tones

Finally, the chapter colors. The most trendy will certainly be the caramel, the ideal color for all women chestnut natural that they want to give a further touch of brightness to your mane: remember, however, to not overdo it and to seek the advice of your hairdresser first encounter with a color that suits your look. Change yes, but the revolution is, often, not satisfied.

In summary, the short hair but with a tuft of long bob of the seventies and the warm tones in the colour: choose the style that best fits your face.