Emily Ratajkowski, when the problem is being too fine

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If you think Emily Ratajkowki come to mind are pictures of her semi-naked on Instagram. It is not necessary to be enrolled to the force on the social network or follow your profile, because in the network are published everywhere. The model and influencer in american, he often makes a conscious and proud of her curves and her body flawless. And yet, it seems that virtual reality is only appearance that hides what is the real life of the people.

To prove this it is been an outburst of Emily Ratajkowski that is told by speaking of herself, of feminism, politics and fashion, in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar Australia, which will be released in August. On the website of the magazine you can already read a preview, with some quotes taken from the cover story. And the revelation that you aspects regarding the discomfort felt by the irrepressible Emily because of her excessive beauty. “It happens to me that I say to be too sexy – he said – but it is an attitude against women in general, people do not want to work with me because I have breasts too big. What is wrong with having tits? It is a beautiful hallmark of femininity is to be celebrated. And then, who cares! Are great large, small, why should they be a problem?”.

Who among mortals has not received the same favorable treatment from Mother Nature, perhaps reading these words, you will be indignando. In fact, feel embarrassed because they are too sexy may seem like a whim to spoil. Especially in the fashion system, where bad own there are not. Although they are only phrases extracted from a larger context, we for the release of Emily Ratajkowski the we want to interpret in a positive way for all women: no to the prejudices and discrimination that are based on aesthetic standards, pre-built. There are many ways and forms to express femininity. Body Positive!