Cleaning and care of the skin in pimples and acne

Pimples can affect people of any age. Usually they sprout during puberty is particularly hard. But later is not the end for a long time. Acne is the most occurring skin disorder at all – even Pregnant women or babies are not in front of her immune.

Even then, if pimples occur only once in a while, you are extremely annoying. Above all, they are always just in appearance, if you can you use the least. A look in the mirror – and the day, the Date or the Party’s over.

Early treatment promises the best results

Hormones called androgens stimulate the sebaceous skin glands to produce fat. A very important thing. Finally, the skin remains smooth and supple. Dead skin cells are transported from the deeper layers of the skin to the outside – a great cleaning effect. However, when too much sebum is produced, it may happen that the pores of the skin clog.

The result, which look like small nodules with a black dot in the center are blackheads. Because more and more fat has stopped pushing, growing of blackheads. Under the skin bacteria, which feed on the excess sebum and inflammation-inducing substances produce sit. You ensure that the tiny dots, a large, red, pus-filled pimple to form.

If this inflamed pimples and pustules occur frequently, is to visit a skin doctor or a dermatologist trained esthetician highly recommended. The sooner the treatment of the bacterium starts, the greater the chances to get the complaints in the handle. After a thorough skin analysis, the experts perform treatments that are specifically tailored to the respective Problem.

In addition to the bacteria-induced acne namely incompatibilities, such as, for example, to sunlight, medications or certain cosmetics can lead to very similar-looking blemishes. Special disinfecting and antibacterial preparations or ointments will relieve most of the worst complaints. Moreover, depending on the cause of acid peels, medications or laser fruit treatments.

The emergence of acne (image: BruceBlaus, Wikimedia, CC)

What you yourself can do?

There are several studies that suggest that sweets have a negative impact on the skin and, under certain conditions, pimples literally blossom. Basically, there seems to be a close connection between acne and diet. While dairy products, meat and especially sugar are more likely to be unfavourable, have been found within the studies, vegetables, fish and whole grain products as cheap.

The victim may also have to do with the proper care much for your skin. A gentle, but consistent skin cleaning is a top priority. Best especially mild washing emulsions, and water are suitable for this purpose.

Important notes and tips from the dermatologist

  • Stress best to avoid. He contributes to the skin is particularly vulnerable to bacteria. Studies have shown that “late acne”, so the impurities of the skin beyond the age of puberty, is often accompanied by an above-average burden in professional or/and family.
  • Smokers should stop Smoking. In addition to many other health benefits of the nicotine freedom also has a positive effect on the skin.
  • As often as possible for fresh air to enjoy. Long walks do not only body and soul, but also the skin well.
  • Less recommended Solarium visits. UV-A rays affect acne is extremely unfavorable. In addition, frequent sun baths increase the risk of developing skin cancer.
  • The pressing, rubbing, or Squeezing the pimples does more harm than good. The consequences are additional irritation or infection of the skin.
  • Home remedies such as toothpaste, baking soda or vinegar have on pimples. You bring nothing and may lead to additional infections.
  • For cleaning and care of so-called non-comedogenic-free products are the best. The less preservatives and emulsifiers are included, the better.
  • The Same goes for Make-up. Products are water-based are better than products on the Basis of Oil. In addition, careful Removing make-up before going to bed is important.
  • Special masks from the pharmacy with ingredients, anti-inflammatory, such as silica, medical yeast or zinc, act and do well.
  • Also in the pharmacy, there are special acne-cleaning and care series, anti-bacterial and nourishing. It is important, depending on the Season, on rather light hydrogel (summer) or protective creams (Winter).
  • Taboo all aggressive cleaning water, fat-containing creams or the like. They can irritate the skin or clog the pores.

Acne finally get rid of them (image: Kotin –

Pimples and acne during pregnancy

Some of the women watching regularly for a few days before your period is an increase in the incidence of blackheads and pimples. While these impurities will disappear by itself again, the pregnancy acne special attention. Many women suffer, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy, particularly dry, flaky skin, which forms also stubborn pimples and pustules.

Debt male sex hormones, which forms the body of each mother-to-be during this Phase and increasingly are. Fortunately, the pregnancy disappears, acne, at the latest, a few weeks after the birth of the baby. So you no permanent damage, such as scars or visible stains, it leaves on the skin, is a similarly careful and, above all, timely treatment, such as in puberty acne is required.

If all of the care does not help, should not be afraid of women, a skin doctor. After a careful clarification of the causes of this may prescribe a potent preparation against acne. Because some ingredients can be harmful during pregnancy, warn doctors, however, specifically prior to any kind of self-medication.


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