Beauty routine and warm: what you absolutely need to remove or add

Well, yes: with the arrival of summer is a must to take a check to your beauty case. The heat imposes new cosmetic choices, and the replacement of products which, although ideal on the skin, under the effect of high temperatures may prove to be inadequate or less effective.

Applies to the make-up, but also for products intended for the care of the body and, in particular, to the beauty routine, the ritual of cleansing-daily preparation which is at the base of the natural splendor of the skin.
Move on to more tricks of light, cream texture, which is fresh, treatments suitable for the hot season. Here’s what they should add or remove in the beauty of the houses, to better face the summer, including the products of ad hoc signed Shiseido!


If in the morning you have basically used a cleanser, or a gel with a mild exfoliating action, it will be the case to replace it and adopt it periodically just for cleansing in the evening. It is true that exfoliation in the summer is important – especially when increased production of sebum may lead to blockage of the pores – however, a scrub on the first epidermal layer is likely to make the skin more sensitive to sun damage. Better to opt for a delicate detergent to the water base, it leaves the skin fresh and clean.


To perform to the best of your summer beauty routine, introduce also a softener. Use immediately after cleansing, and performs the fundamental functions to make sure of a perfect skin even in the summer: removes the roughness of the stratum corneum, increases permeability of the skin, prepares the skin to better absorb successive treatments. In addition, it promotes the perfect balance between oil control and hydration, making the skin soft and hydrated. In short: a real must!

Replace the classic thick cream – so precious against dryness and chapping in winter – with a fresh texture and a lighter. Alternatively, the tip directly on a face cream with sun protection, reserving the use of a cream rich and nourishing in the evening, so as to let it absorb and act comfortably during the night.

The make up of the base
How to find your way with the makeup? “Stored” the traditional foundation, opt for products from the formula the light: the BB cream colored gel lighting or specific foundation solar, suitable, namely, to give ideal coverage of imperfections without burdening the skin, both to protect the face from the effects of the sun’s rays.

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Daily hydration
If you consider that with the warmer weather you tend to go more frequently in the round with skirts, tops, shorts and mini-dresses, as well as to do sports in the open air, a good idea might be to replace the traditional cream for the body with a sunscreen moisturizing and protective.

The streamlining
The bikini test, in addition, may require the use of an anti-cellulite that will help to shape the silhouette by reducing the appearance orange-peel skin.

Hydration in the evening
As a rehydrating in the evening, instead, as an alternative to after-sun, you can take a soft emulsion for the body, nourishing and invigorating.

The scent
A particular attention deserves the choice of perfume. Formulations that are ideal for the summer, the fragrance version eau de toilette, because compared to the eau de parfum are often characterized by a concentration of a perfume more delicate, which allows you to maintain an aura that is fresh and sensual with elegant discretion. Many brands offer the two uae for the same scent, just to encourage the possibility of switching to a jus from the impact of more delicate, in line with the hot season.

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