Beach Body: Beauty tips for sun fans

Temperatures beyond 30° C, the sun, the sea and the beach – most of all working women have to wait many months, by far the most beautiful weeks of the year. Many of them wish for then, already before departure in the holiday sun-kissed look. That’s not such a crazy thought!

Those who invest after the dark Season, a little time, and all of its winter drabness from the body shakes, you will feel at home great and later on the beach with security to draw everyone’s attention.

The pampering starts at home

For many women, Shaving during the winter is a little short. Therefore, the Beauty should begin in the caves program with a thorough hair removal on the arms, legs, the Bikini area and the armpits. Then, by appropriate means, such as steam baths and salicylic acid-containing creams for all skin blemishes, such as blackheads and pustules on the collar. Also the harder-to-reach regions, for example, the back should be duly paid attention.

A gentle skin exfoliation ensures that all of the dead skin disappear cells discretely in the shower drain or bathtub. The skin doesn’t look like it, only much healthier, but also makes a wonderful base for a self-Tanner. Evenly applied, it will leave the skin with no stains or unsightly edges in a very gentle and healthy way after a few minutes, a few shades darker. The reward is a summer of fresh and refreshed-looking complexion.

Also the feet forward in front of the beach with an extra portion of care. Thus, the swimsuit or the Bikini really comes into its own, is a most thorough and meticulous pedicure; after that, a striking nail varnish to apply. Bold colors such as turquoise or coral are timeless, modern and spread in an instant summer mood.

Now you just need the right beach hairstyle is missing! To maintain an airy, fresh and effortless – as it should be. A good haircut is the Basis. Highlights, in turn, let the sun rays on the hair style of dancing.

So the Body remains in the largest heat cool

An ice-cold shower promises in the first Moment of pure refreshment. However, many people think that this pleasure is heating up the body in the long run. By the application of a cold stimulus, all of the pores of flash to pull together fast. The result is that the body heat can be even worse derived. Therefore, better warm and then the skin with a refreshing Gel or a cooling body lotion shower.

On-the-go or in the office small “Termal water showers are recommended” from the spray bottle. Easy in the air spraying, and on the skin of the face and the décolleté trickle. In the evening or at the weekend, an ice facial mask brings your tired complexion a boost.

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Well protected on the beach

Before it’s time to Enjoy the first sun-baths, should make all the “sun-worshippers” thoughts to the proper sun protection. In addition to a large pair of sunglasses that protects the eyes reliably, and a hat on a skin type, appropriate sun milk or cream is essential.

Important Tips

Normal skin: people with this skin type are mostly brunette, and have brown-green, or gray eyes. The self-protection time of skin is approximately 20 to 30 minutes. After acute sunburn is a risk. The first protection factor of around 20 for this skin type, during the first vacation days of sun creams with a light. Later, it can then be easily switched to LF 15.

Sensitive skin: The typical characteristics are usually blonde or reddish hair, light skin, blue or green eyes and freckles. After five to ten minutes of this skin reacts, if it is left unprotected, exposed to the blazing sun, with sunburn. Thus, the days on the beach, run carefree, is necessarily a very high light-protection factor of between 40 and 50 is displayed.

Quickly tanning skin: This skin has a relatively long intrinsic protection time of up to an hour. Because people of this skin type rarely get a sunburn, they tend to go unprotected in the sun, and to take extensive sun baths. In the long term, however, has extremely unpleasant consequences: The skin will get pigment spots and wrinkles, inelastic and, in extreme cases, leathery. In short: it ages faster. Therefore is also recommended for all owners of good chocolate envy skin the Lotion with a product, which has a light protection factor of between 10 and 15.

For all skin types:

Modern sun protection products, with highly effective filter systems move in quickly and completely without leaving any residue. In addition to perfect protection against the harmful UV-A and UV-B rays of the sun, you can deliver any amount of moisture. Due to Wind and water-stressed skin remains supple and smooth.

Rule of thumb for the quantity of quantity: A “hand-length” cream strand from the finger tips to the heel of the hand just the right amount for your face. For the Rest of the body, ten additional strands are needed.

With radio alkalis and gloss lips at the beach party

Reflective pigments on the eyelids for mysterious, bewitching Shine. With the summer brown skin tone color harmony shades such as Gold, silver, and copper, respectively, in connection with Rosé, especially good. Lips in Wet-Look promise of pure seduction. Make it look nice, of course, should be used instead of sick and tired of opaque lipsticks and prefer Gloss. An Extra Highlight is a touch of pearlescent.


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