Anti-Aging: Every woman is getting older – it’s a question of, at what pace

Old we are anyway. The desire to stay healthy and the aging process as well as it goes reside, is definitely as old as humanity itself. Many women will still remember the first public Anti-Aging-wave to the beginning of the 90s, which was characterized by lifting, liposuction and many other cosmetic surgeries. The partially exaggerated promise failed to redeem the beauty industry, unfortunately – however, there is evidence of great progress.

Meanwhile, experts such as physicians, psychologists, or researchers to understand the biological and social processes of aging relatively. If hormone deficiency, chronic inflammation or oxidative stress: The important factors that make a people demonstrably faster aging, are known. Despite the best quality of life, the age in our modern world, the most important risk factor for certain diseases such as cardiovascular disease, Diabetes, dementia, osteoporosis, and cancer.

The aim of the modern Anti-Aging movement is to understand ageing with all its processes, risks and to handle complaints in a more targeted manner.

Anti-Aging starts with a healthy life style

Balanced diet, regular daily exercise and Sport, phases of relaxation and enough sleep is the basis of a health form-oriented life. Stress-related ailments and Obesity can be avoided and the body gets all the micronutrients it needs for cell regeneration urgently. At the same time, it is important to avoid risk factors such as Smoking and excessive alcohol consumption.

Anti-Aging starts with a healthy life-style (image: Michael Jung /

The importance of mental Balance

Unresolved conflicts, nervousness and constant tension are important aging factors. Who is with himself and the world in the Pure, not only radiates more joy of life and optimism than less happy people. Meanwhile, it is clearly proved that the mental Balance plays an important role in the fight of the immune system against attackers from the outside, the so-called free radicals. Constant Worries and conflicts, in contrast, diseases such as high blood pressure or various heart-circulatory system can accelerate problems.

A very positive side-effect of happiness, by the way are laughter lines, what a face, no doubt more attractive and appear younger than sorrow or even anger wrinkles.

Sometimes, a drop in the hormone levels with aging for the loss of vitality and elasticity. There are now very well tolerated preparations according to the thorough medical indication such deficits assets to compensate. A doctor-supervised, individualized hormone replacement therapy that is why for many women (and men!) a highly effective Anti-Aging measure.

Without a scalpel and Laser: beauty tips with immediate effect

In addition, there are plenty of beauty tricks that allow any woman within a few minutes, a few years wegzumogeln and look younger.

Trick 1: eye rings expertly wegschminken

Against dark rings around the eyes or small wrinkles Concealer helps. When Applied in the Interior of the eye angle to begin, and gently under the eye to the outside along polka dot. The most Important thing is the right Concealer shade. Here, it is advisable to choose a shade lighter than the rest of the Make-up. Some women resent the fine by the shimmer of blue Veins under your eyes that make you constantly tired and exhausted appearance. Access here is at the best a Concealer with a yellowish undertone.

Trick 2: Rouge delivers a fresh complexion

A Rouge color, which is largely a reflection of one’s own cheeks blush, looks very natural. To the control just once, briefly, even in the cheek-pinching. Prior to the Application woman should smile first of all, wide in the mirror. What reads funny, has the following purpose: as a result of smile a small Pit is formed beneath the cheek bone. Now, with a thick brush, a little blush from the middle of this Pit, and forth swipe. If you like, you may apply to the circuit a little bit of Extra color right on the cheeks. The result: a complexion like a walk in the mountains.

Trick 3: Beautiful hands in every phase of life

With increasing age, it is increasingly important that the hands regularly with a rich product to put the cream on. Otherwise, they dry out quickly and seem to be creased. Who tends to “age spots” on the hands, should use a special nourishing cream. Depending on personal taste complete French Manicure or classic red on the nails the well-groomed picture.

Trick 4: More volume for fine hair

The hair will be in the course of life more sensitive. Therefore, they require particularly attentive care. Because fine hair is applied often to the skin very tight on the head, it will quickly become greasy and weak. Now is the time for both the scalp and the hair with care not to overwhelm. Recommended volume shampoos and hair colours on a natural base are mild.

Almost more important than the care of a suitable hairstyle, which, on the basis of cut, a good hair is. If the hair shaft hair then without a permanent, tightly wound curlers, Backcombing or excessive hot air from the hair dryer curls turned works: very well! The wages are silky, shiny hair that will draw in any place with admiring eyes.


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