All the benefits of sea water

Those lucky enough to live at sea, you probably realized that it’s like living perpetually in a spa under the open sky. Because, especially in the summer, are the economic benefits that arise from the water, the sand and the very air that is breathed in, saturated with iodine, especially in the early morning. The iodine, which is important because it is used by the body for the synthesis of thyroid hormones that act on the metabolism, promotes the oxygenation of the tissues, the turnover of cells, and the circulatory system. When the water hits the shore, free in the air negative ions, a precious source of well-being.

But more than anything, the sea should be exploited to the maximum, the water, rich in trace elements and a source of life, if you think of all the organisms and micro-organisms that populate it. And mineral salts that are absorbed directly by the skin, by osmosis,potassium, magnesium, iron and the already mentioned iodine, which produce an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. Besides, walking in the water or just sitting on the shore letting massage by itself, produces effects, anti-cellulite and firming, in addition toning to the tissues.

Walk, better if with the level of the water that reaches the life, it also stimulates the venous and lymphatic circulation and allows the muscles to work more, leaving a feeling of lightness, as after a real manual massage. They are recommended for long walks (40 minutes at least, that offer in a few days the legs more slender and toned and that they consume about 300 calories every hour. Also, walking on the sand produces a reflexology foot massage that reactivates the lymphatic circulation, thus reducing stagnation and water retention.

Finally, the algae, maybe a little underrated, but a great source of beauty. The rich mineral and organic acids, which always be by osmosis pass in the body, they are able to reactivate the metabolism and stimulate the vital functions. The algae often have powers beyond that the slimming and reducing, revitalizing, anti-stain and anti-oxidants.

But after a day at the beach, you still need to moisturize the skin, because in the meantime also the sun’s rays have done their action more or less beneficial depending on your point of view. Not at all if we think of the skin that is often dehydrated, and even more often, the UV rays and infrared, deplete collagen. Therefore, keep intact the moisture level and re-enable the action of hyaluronic acid (which with age tends to decrease), it becomes of crucial importance for the skin and, above all, to enjoy the benefits of the water of the sea.

Body cream Women jar of Water of the Elbe

A help comes from a good moisturizer with hyaluronic acid as the Body Cream Women jar of the Water of the river Elbe. Constituted by a multi-lamellar molecules of nutrients that is very reminiscent of the structure of the lipid barrier of the skin and is enriched with natural moisturizers, such as hyaluronic acid, which ensures constant levels of hydration and stimulates the production of collagen. Therefore, a consistent application ensures a softer skin and helps to diminish the signs of aging of the skin. Also, thanks to the pleasant fragrances that recall the classic fragrances water of the river Elbe, Classical, Archipelago, Blue, extension to house, the pleasure of being on the shore of the sea.

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